N! Academy Cloud

A unique training portal: made by and for NEXUS automotive aftermarket community!

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Let's discover its functionalities:

N! Academy Cloud is a comprehensive and user-friendly knowledge retention tool. By centralizing and digitizing learning resources, it streamlines the administration of training programs, making them more efficient and accessible. It empowers learners to engage with content at their own pace, fostering a culture of continuous learning. 

A 360° training platform

N! Academy Cloud offers a comprehensive training experience covering all aspects of the automotive aftermarket industry, ensuring that distributors and workshops gain a holistic understanding that will enhance their services.

Made for internal or external learners of the automotive industry

Adaptable to the needs of both internal staff and external learners of parts shops and workshops in the automotive ecosystem, it promotes the collaboration and knowledge exchange for improved performance and efficiency.

User friendly functionalities

The design of the tools simplifies the learning experience, reducing barriers to adoption and ensuring a positive overall interaction and knowledge retention. 

A flexible solution

Distributors and workshops benefit from adaptative tools that offer various content delivery formats, such as videos, documents and interactive modules. This adaptability ensures that diverse learning preferences and styles are accommodated, as well as enhancing engagement and understanding in a way that suits the unique needs of each learner and their company.

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Accessible 24/7

Distributors and workshops can access training content and resources around the clock, providing flexibility in scheduling and ensuring continuous learning opportunities.


  • Learn at any time of the day
  • Select the type of content depending on your time available
  • Browse and discover new information every day
Multi-device solution for laptop, tablet and smartphone

The flexibility to use tools on multiple devices allows distributors and workshops the ability to engage with training materials seamlessly, adapting to their working preferences and environments.

  • Connect using a computer at work or at home
  • Remain mobile using the N! Academy Cloud on tablet
  • Keep learning everyday with the smartphone view
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Available in over 100 languages

Offers a multi-lingual solution, enabling learners worldwide to access training content in their preferred language, enhancing comprehension and effectiveness.

A powerful blended learning solution powered by NEXUS and its partners

Combining various learning methods within flexible tools ensures that distributors and workshops receive a well-rounded training experience, leveraging the expertise of NEXUS and its partners.

  • Access to tutorials
  • Complete e-learnings
  • Attend webinars
  • Undertake quizzes
  • And much more!
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Follow the designated paths, or enjoy a personalized training experience

Provides flexibility in learning paths, allowing distributors and workshops to either follow structured modules, or tailor their training experience based on specific needs and interests.

  • Search for content and activities by filtering on topics, vehicle types, duration and more!
  • Register for comprehensive training programs
  • Get enrolled for certifications
Real-time progress tracking and analytics

N! Academy Cloud incorporates robust analytics and progress tracking features, providing real-time insights into individual and group learning journeys. 

  • Empower users to measure their progress
  • Provide an overview of the progression to managers
  • Identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall learning experience.
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All the training initiatives of NEXUS are based on key learning assets and processes and embed into a comprehensive concept. Click to learn more:
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