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NEXUS is a growth accelerator for progressive companies in the automotive & heavy duty aftermarket industry. Established in 2014, NEXUS is shaping the future of the automotive aftermarket thanks to a progressive approach
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Work at NEXUS Automotive International

Join the largest automotive aftermarket community. Be part of an innovative and disruptive leader in a fast-changing environment.


Created 10 years ago, NEXUS Automotive International is a worldwide community of aftermarket distributors/members and suppliers/manufacturers. With more than 457 distributors in 137 countries worldwide, NEXUS Automotive International community is managing consolidated sales that is greater than 42 billion €.


As an innovation leader and a mover in the automotive aftermarket, NEXUS is offering new approaches and new ideas for a connected, global and consolidated world of tomorrow - to secure the success of cars and trucks spare parts distributors and manufacturers by connecting and accelerating growth for both.


Around the world, NEXUS is scaling up initiatives to address its prime aim to create a more sustainable, connected and digital automotive aftermarket.


NEXUS values are: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Agility.

The N! Experience Center

As a leader, NEXUS creates initiatives and solutions to help its members succeed in the current transformations taking place within the sector.


The NEXUS experience center is a key component of the N! 2025 Strategy and is designed to unite the N! Community through a wide range of internal and external events. These events encompass N! specific gatherings, high-quality meetings, workshops, trainings sessions, on-boarding initiatives, team building and more.


The N! Experience Center looks to:

- Onboarding partners on N! culture & values,

- Facilitating change and enabling successful implementation,

- Providing a dedicated place for regular communication and information sharing,

- Federating the N! Community,

- Conducting training sessions,

- Fostering team cohesion by bringing together individuals from different corners of the world within the N! international community.


NEXUS continues to grow and enrich the experiences of members, suppliers & employees. As pioneer N! is the first ITG to be launching such a beautiful and intimate place in which to gather key partners, new members, and employees.

Talents4AA - The automotive aftermarket industry initiative to attract talents

The Automotive Aftermarket, despite its pivotal role in sustainable global mobility, has long suffered from a lack of attracting talent at all levels.


TALENTS4AA is a registered non-profit association created in 2022 to promote the industry, as well as attract and keep a variety of talents from different ages, backgrounds, genders, and professions in the Automotive Aftermarket.


NEXUS is one of the founding members of this association, gathering more than 30 members including: ITGs, parts manufacturers, professional associations and educational institutions.

N! Sustainability

A hands-on operational approach.


NEXUS emerged as a pioneer in addressing sustainability issues by 2018. 


The challenges of sustainability are deeply embedded in NEXUS values and our mission statement and are tackled with a ‘hands-on’ operational approach. 


Our ambition is to unify the entire aftermarket supply chain – from manufacturers to distributors through to garages. We test concepts to ensure they offer value and open up new business opportunities before they are established as NEXUS standards.


We have introduced the NEXUS Sustainability Hexagon Model, a strategy designed to forge new paths in six key areas: circular economy, carbon footprint reduction, people empowerment, sustainable products, eco-friendly garages and sustainable packaging.

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