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NEXUS is a growth accelerator for progressive companies in the automotive & heavy duty aftermarket industry
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NEXUS is the leading global automotive aftermarket community

With more than 468 distributor members, 2,262 WDs and 9,953 retail stores affiliated in 138 countries, allied with 90+ global manufacturers suppliers, NEXUS is a growth accelerator for its community.

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NEXUS is a global community composed by:





Regional structures




Retail stores


Suppliers 76 global


Heavy duty suppliers


Billions Euros Consolidated Turnover

Manufacturer suppliers

NEXUS supplier portfolio is composed of the global key automotive & heavy duty aftermarket parts manufacturers in the world. 

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N! Network

The leading global automotive aftermarket community 

Regional Structures
NEXUS offers 16 regional structures to strengthen the links and accelerate the business growth of its community on regional and pan-regional levels.
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N! Distributors / Members
NEXUS members are leading the global automotive aftermarket parts distribution industry in more than 138 countries.
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Shaping the future
As the leading automotive aftermarket group, NEXUS and its partners play an active role in developing industry initiatives to address the current stakes & upcoming challenges.
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Connected with all the supply chain players, NEXUS has developed its own independent garage network.
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NEXUS Climate Day

Stronger Together: 

A N! Community initiative

The NEXUS Climate Day aims to bring together the N! Community representing the whole supply chain, around a common cause: building a more sustainable industry.

The NEXUS Climate Day actively pursues concrete solutions with proof of concepts, initiatives & best practices to draw the sustainable roadmap of the NEXUS Community, that will cover the UN’s sustainable developments goals.

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The automotive aftermarket industry initiative to attract talents

The Automotive Aftermarket, despite its pivotal role in sustainable global mobility, suffers since long at all levels from lack of talents.


TALENTS4AA is a registered non-profit association created in 2022 to promote the industry, as well as attract and keep a variety of talents from different ages, backgrounds, genders, and professions in the Automotive Aftermarket.

NEXUS is one of the founding members of this association, gathering more than 30 members: ITGs, parts manufacturers, professional associations, educational institutions…

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An innovation & mobility accelerator

NEXUS places innovation as both a necessity and an opportunity in the context of major transformation