N! Services & Solutions
Powering the future of the automotive aftermarket

N! Services is not just about support – it is about acting as a catalyst for transformation. Dedicated to bolstering the community's growth, N! Services offers a myriad of advanced services each tailor-made for the dynamic landscape of the garage network.


It champions a vibrant ecosystem where distributors, parts suppliers and garage converge, collaboratively shaping the future. Through collective innovation and shared vision, N! Services pushes the envelope of digital solutions and sets new horizons in the automotive aftermarket industry.

In the fast-paced world of the automotive aftermarket, efficiency, precision and innovation are paramount. That is where N! Services fits in.

N! Services: the ultimate garage solution provider

As part of its unwavering commitment to empower repair shops all around the globe, NEXUS has developed a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the needs of every independent garage. 

From intuitive B2C solutions that bridge the gap between businesses and consumers, to state-of-the-art shop management systems, N! Services ensures operations run seamlessly.


Whether its streamlined parts ordering, comprehensive technical data solutions, or expert technical support, N! Services has you covered. With its dedicated training programs, N! Services empowers technicians with the knowledge and skills to tackle tomorrow's automotive challenges today

Join NEXUS journey and let N! Services elevate your repair shop to new heights.

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Key facts

Today: 3,000+ garages using N! Services


2022: 1,400+ garages using N! Services


2021:  650+ garages using N! Services

We aim to provide solutions to 25,000+ garages of our community - from stand-alone service through to comprehensive garage concepts, we deliver tailor-made solutions to our partners.

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