Yuasa highlight the benefits of checking all batteries as MOT surge begins

As lockdown measures ease, the demand for routine servicing, repairs and MOTs is already dramatically increasing. Yuasa, the UK market leader for vehicle batteries, are encouraging garages to introduce a simple battery check as part of their MOT and service schedules to identify if the vehicle’s battery has been damaged due to reduced usage.

At the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is estimated that around 70% of the UK’s cars remained immobile, with the Government announcing a temporary pause on the mandatory MOT.

Figures released by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) estimate that only 2.1 million MOTs were carried out in April and May, compared with 7.1 million over the same period last year.

The backlog, expected to peak in October, will mean garages across the UK see an unprecedented number of vehicles over the coming months.

A study, led by the leading battery manufacturer, estimates that roughly one in ten vehicles that enter a workshop require a replacement battery – a figure that it expects is now much higher due to the extended period of reduced usage the UK experienced through lockdown. Yet workshops rarely check the battery health to identify its condition.

Typically, a battery check, which takes less than a minute to complete, can be carried out before any service work is undertaken, or can easily be incorporated into the MOT process while battery security is checked. The customer can then be informed if a replacement is required and a new battery fitted. Saving the customer the distress of a battery failure later on.

Battery related problems, including difficulty starting and even non-start, can cause considerable stress and frustration for customers. Checking the battery on all vehicles seen, especially given the current circumstances, not only serves to improve customer service, but can also provide significant additional revenue through battery recharging or replacement.

Over the past few years, thousands of garages and workshops have increased their revenue by joining Yuasa’s Always Check The Battery scheme. To ensure garages and workshops are ready for the demand, Yuasa are providing complete workshop battery testing kits, including a GS Yuasa battery tester, for just £40 + VAT. Workshops should visit www.yuasa.co.uk/testkit to get theirs.

James Hylton, Managing Director of GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK Ltd said: “Garages and workshops should be checking the battery on every vehicle that comes through the door, be it for an MOT, servicing or repair.

“It’s well documented that extended periods of inactivity can have a detrimental effect on a car’s battery. As lockdown has been gradually eased, we’ve seen an increase in battery failure and encourage all garages and workshops to incorporate a simple battery check into all vehicles they see.”

“It’s been an understandably difficult time for the country and our industry and we’ve worked hard to ensure workshops that have remained open throughout the Coronavirus pandemic have had access to the stock they need and will continue to do so to ensure we’re able to meet the post-lockdown battery demand.” added James.

For more information about Yuasa’s Always Check The Battery scheme, visit www.yuasa.co.uk/batterycheck. To find out more about Yuasa, visit www.yuasa.com.