Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd. have launched a revolutionary new customisable online battery lookup system for distributors to use on their own websites. The application, called a ‘widget’ is available for both Yuasa and GS products and allows retailers to provide a powerful comprehensive battery lookup system for their customers.

While battery replacement was once a fairly straightforward task, modern day vehicle electrical systems have made it imperative that a battery of the correct specification is fitted to the vehicle. The Yuasa and GS online battery lookup widgets are the first of their kind offered by any battery manufacturer. Lincolnshire based Bush Tyres and County Motor Factors in Devon are amongst the first to have incorporated the widget onto their website.

Since going live with the widget, Bush Tyres have noticed real benefits in customer service and sales. Peter Gorensweigh, Buyer at Bush Tyres said: “By embedding the GS widget we now have one of the best battery lookup websites in the UK. We are getting more and more enquiries through our website. During our first month using the widget we had more enquires than the three months prior combined.

“It’s a very simple system, all the customer has to do is put in their details and all of the products are there in front of them, including our prices. They can see straight away their options and how much the cost will be.”

The Yuasa and GS battery lookup widgets are available to all distributers and retailers who exclusively stock Yuasa or GS batteries. With a customisable design they can be embedded onto any webpage and offer users a range of easy to use options to find the battery they require. The widget then links to the relevant products pages within the host website so that price and purchase information can be accessed.

Customers using the widget can search for car and light van batteries by registration number, VIN or chassis number, or by make, model and year. Furthermore the system, which is powered by Yuasa & GS’s central European battery lookup database and updated daily to provide the latest information, will ask users to confirm specification or trim levels if there are any information gaps. This ensures that the most up to date and exact battery specification is identified.

In addition to Car and Light Van batteries the Yuasa and GS widgets also feature Motorcycle, Commercial & PSV, Agriculture and Plant, ATV and Mobility categories.

James Hylton, Sales and Marketing Manager at Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd. commented: “We are delighted to be able to offer our revolutionary new Yuasa and GS battery lookup widgets to our customers.

“The technology offers many significant benefits. By providing a powerful battery lookup tool from within their own websites, retailers are able to improve customer service, increase upsell opportunities and also attract new customers online.”

To find out more about Yuasa and GS visit www.yuasaeurope.com, www.gs-battery.com or call +44 (0)1793 833555.