VIACAR SA receives two awards for its financial performance

First Award: the “Leaders of the Greek Economy”
The companies that lead the effort to return to development and prepare the next day in the country were honored at the award ceremony for Greek business, “Leading the Greek Economy”, organized for the fourth time by the Direction Business Network, on Monday 11 June 2018.

In the crowded Banquet Hall of the Athens Concert Hall, with about 600 senior executives, renowned companies rewarded the field of the real economy, managing to grow and overcome the challenges of the difficult general environment. The awards are based on the official financial results of the companies as reflected in the balance sheets collected and analyzed by Direction Business Reports and included in the Direction Business Network’s “Power of the Greek Economy” version, which has just been released.
VIACAR SA was represented by Mr. George Tzanidakis who received the award.

Second Award: “Diamonds of the Greek economy”
With the participation of over 500 entrepreneurs and business executives on the 3rd of July 2018, the “Diamonds” of the Greek economy flashed for another year. Representatives of the country’s healthiest companies have delivered a strong message on the prospects of Greek entrepreneurship during the Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2018 Business Excellence today.

The event was organized by New Times Publishing at Grande Bretagne Hotel Athens, from 500 representatives of the most dynamic business groups in the country were awarded and honored the “diamonds” business from the whole business spectrum (industry, tourism, trade, services). In a celebration of the healthy business of the country under the auspices of the Federation of Enterprises and Industries (SEB) and in the presence of representatives of the State, awards and distinctions were given to representatives of companies coming from all regions of the country.

VIACAR SA was represented by Mr. Ioannis Daskarolis who received the award.
We asked Vice president Mr. Kostas Daskarolis to comment on these two new distinctions of the company. “In the last 5 years all our initiatives were greeted with enthusiasm by the market. In the same period, our internal organization managed to evolve into a reliable system powerful enough to meet with higher demands. I think these two awards prove exactly that our company in its 40th birthday, has entered into a new era with promising performance and a bright future!”.