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Valeo Service offers qualitative, full and innovative solutions to meet every professional need.

Focus on Transmission Systems

Shattering the myths associated with fitting conversion kits to replace DMF, Valeo KIT4P flagship range has a 10 years history of qualitative solutions for aftermarket.

The Conversion Kit “Valeo KIT4P” Pack contains a Rigid Flywheel, a long travel damper disc, a Cover Assembly, a Release Bearing(1) and all screws and fitting bolts necessary to maximize our costumers working efficiency.

7 Good reasons to choose Valeo Kit 4P:

• Reliable: Valeo Kit 4P, designed by Valeo Research an development engineers, is an extremely reliable solution corresponding to the highest OE quality standards.

• Successful since 2003: Valeo Kit 4P has already been giving full satisfaction to aftermarket customers throughout Europe.

• Durable: The rigid flywheel contained in Valeo Kit 4P is not composed of wear parts, providing better thermal resistance and full engine & gear box protection.

• Easy to fit: Valeo guarantees the same installation & fitting time as other alternative products.

• 100% torque transfer: Valeo Kit 4P ensures the optimal efficiency for torque transfer.

• Competitive: Valeo Kit 4P is competitive against high cost replacement of Dual Mass Flywheel and associated kit.

• Comfortable: Valeo Kit 4P ensures high filtration of vibrations and noises to enhance driving pleasure.

Valeo Service provides the market with original equipment (OE) quality clutch product range features more than 1900 references and includes traditional clutch kits, high-efficiency clutch kits, self-adjusting clutch kits, dual mass flywheels, clutch master cylinders and concentric slave cylinders.

The majority of Valeo clutches are supplied in shrink-wrapped packaging that holds the clutch kit under a film and prevents the components from moving. This packaging ensures the protection of parts during carriage.