Valeo Service introduces the “Comfort in Motion” program for its brake pads range: an additional comfort for workshops and motorists.

The braking pads’ range is currently designed to match OE quality and specification, due to its premium friction material and the pre-bedding process. Moreover this Valeo range covers already more than 98% of the European car park applications.

Now, Valeo Service is proud to present its new “Comfort in Motion” program for braking systems.

Additional accessories in the box: an upgraded offer

Indeed, these additional accessories inside the Valeo brake pads boxes bring much more comfort and ease when changing pads. It saves time for users since the replacement items will be found in the box. No need to search for missing items to be replaced like bolts clips or springs anymore.

Not only do users gain time, but also safety of the repair is ensured. For example, a rusted or defective spring can be easily replaced to avoid any improper sliding of the pad inside the caliper and consequently noise issues or premature wear of the pad and the disc.

For Valeo Service, applying the Comfort in Motion program to its brake pads range leads to secure better comfort for the repair and quality of the new fitting.

Valeo Service Comfort in Motion program is developed to address a high level of service that an independent aftermarket customer may expect from a premium brand. As a cross product families program, Hydraulic parts benefits as well from Comfort in motion with their compact design and easy fitting.

Specialists and motorists will benefit from this program covering more than 80 million European vehicles (1).