UFI Filters blocks 2.5 million illegal transactions in collaboration with CONVEY

  • Almost 5 million euros of potential revenue from counterfeit goods intercepted

  • 6,125 illegal products identified in the last two years


Nogarole Rocca, 31. March 2020 – UFI Filters, a leading company in the world of filters and thermal management, is at the front line in the fight against the sale of counterfeit spare parts both via conventional channels and e-commerce. By registering its brands and filing patents at an international level as well as implementing patented technologies, UFI Filters has blocked almost 5 million euros of potential revenue from illegal goods in the last two years.

This important result was achieved thanks to the Brand and Product Protection activities carried out by UFI Filters’ Legal Division and Intellectual Property Department. In collaboration with CONVEY, a Turin-based company and leader in Internet Intelligence and Brand Protection services, almost 2.5 million illegal transactions have been blocked on the Internet.

6,125 offers have been identified, reported and completely eliminated from 19 different marketplaces online. The complete removal of these illicit advertisements from e-commerce platforms has significantly reduced the amount of counterfeit products reaching the spare part market place. These products are of poor quality in comparison to the originals developed by UFI.

UFI Filters has also implemented a preventive strategy. Its main aim is to eliminate the sources of supply of counterfeit products by stopping them from being distributed on the original product market. This is mainly done through ads posted on Turkish or Chinese, as well as international e- commerce, platforms. By doing this, UFI Filters protects the original goods market, aftermarket customers and end consumers.

Since 1972 UFI Filters has taken action to safeguard its products and trademarks through the registration of brands and patents on the main global markets, and through customs protection by registering the Group’s intellectual property assets with the customs authorities in individual countries. UFI has registered 233 patents and utility models to date. This starting point has enabled the Group to work closely with CONVEY on Internet Intelligence & Product Protection on the main e-commerce platforms.

In the traditional channel, UFI Filters also offers a direct service for its own distribution network, with training sessions to help workers learn how to tell the difference between an original and a counterfeit product. This is especially pertinent for products that are most widely copied on the market, such as the “H2O”, “ONE” and high-filtration water filters, which are the result of exclusive UFI technology.

UFI Filters’ strategy to fight inappropriate use of the brand and the violation of its patented technology is further strengthened by the use of labels attached to the packaging in particularly high-risk markets, such as the Far East. These labels have a QR code and are made using printing techniques that make them very difficult to reproduce. Shortly, they will be used in the European market too.

Luca Betti, Business Unit Aftermarket Director for the UFI Filters Group, said: “The UFI Filters Group constantly strives to fight fake spare parts. This is demonstrated by the financial figures for the two years since we started working with CONVEY. We have blocked a highly significant potential revenue from illegal goods, which could have damaged both the industry and the vehicles on the roads. We are, therefore, proud to renew our partnership with CONVEY. To protect the market, we ask our distributors, as well as spare parts dealers and mechanics, to use only the official sales network. Be wary of very low prices and notify us immediately if they think that they have come across any potential counterfeit goods”.

UFI Filters:
Founded in 1971, UFI Filters is a global leader in filtration technology and thermal management. It serves a wide range of sectors – from automotive, aerospace and marine to specialised industrial and customised hydraulic applications. Renowned for its innovation, UFI’s products and know-how are to be found in all kinds of vehicles – from Ferrari and other top F1 teams, to the European ExoMars spacecraft.
UFI supplies the full range of air, oil, fuel, cabin, hydraulic and coolant filters as well as thermal management systems to the automotive sector, meeting the needs of nearly all car brands and motorcycles as well as commercial, heavy duty and agricultural vehicles. In the OE market, UFI is a leading filtration provider. Each family of filters within the company’s two aftermarket brands, UFI and SOFIMA, covers 96% of the European car parc.
One of the first Italian companies to identify growth opportunities in the Far East, today UFI has 18 industrial sites and employs over 4,000 people in 16 countries. It employs 168 specialised technicians in its Innovation and Research Centres and holds 233 patents. UFI has doubled its turnover in the last ten years. As a research-driven company, it reinvests over 5% of its revenues in R&D.

Convey Srl is a company based in Turin that has been working with international leaders for over 10 years to provide services for the fight against online counterfeiting, safeguarding Intellectual Property on the internet.
Specifically, the Company provides services to fight internet counterfeiting across a very wide range of industrial sectors and for all the classic environments found on the Web: e-Commerce Platforms, Social Networks, Websites/eShops. Convey also provides Internet brand compliance services to provide systematic control over distribution channels and over the behaviour of licensees/distributors on “virtual markets”.
Over one hundred customer Brands (in Italy and abroad) are protected through a holistic approach, based on the valorisation of the company’s entire Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) portfolio, using tech solutions like Internet intelligence that provide a rapid census of the main critical areas; applying Business Intelligence, which helps recognise the most dangerous counterfeiters; and, finally, using IPRs Online Protection methods. This last methodology is managed by a large, consolidated team of experts, who have specialised legal and procedural know-how, guaranteeing elevated success rates – more than 95% of cases – when taking down counterfeit advertisements or offers and closing websites or accounts that contain illicit content and/or domain names.