Trust the Commercial Vehicle Specialist

The 5 main pillars of the Valeo Service strategy – Product Specialist, Technical Specialist, Marketing Specialist, Customer Care Specialist , Logistics Specialist, and Digital Specialist are to comfort Valeo Service as the added value Commercial Vehicle partner with the most complete and qualitative product and service offer.

Today Valeo addresses a very diverse market from light commercial vehicles to medium and heavy duty trucks but also buses, coaches and much more. This wide coverage ability was made possible thanks to a wide 11 product lines portfolio organized in various and complementary categories:

• Repair products: featuring clutches, rotating machines and window regulators.

• Maintenance with braking (including brake pads and discs),

wiper systems and caps for diesel and AD Blue tank caps

• Crash with air conditioning, switches and lighting systems.

• Post equipment: additional lighting powered by the premium Cibié® brand which is a key in the Valeo brand portfolio.

• Garage tooling: a major component of the Valeo product range with air conditioning refill stations lineup. The ClimFILL® Maxi refill station is a specially adapted solution which operates on larger trucks and buses A/C systems.

Regarding time to market Valeo has set out in 2016 a robust product launch plan which is to accelerate in 2017.

During the first half of the year:

• 10 references of clutch kits to reinforce the most up to date Euro6 offer. With more than 50 references, Valeo addresses over 800 Euro6 vehicle applications.

• 83 references of clutches to address major specific Japanese light and medium trucks applications as Fuso, Isuzu and Toyota.

• 28 references of brake linings to complete our current offer (with or without rivets) to cope with each market demand.

• 10 references of lighting headlamps applying for the new Renault Trucks range.

• 6 references for engine cooling to complete the Euro6 offer.

• 17 references for air conditioning including blowers, condensers, evaporators…

• 100 references of brake pads for the upstream segment of light commercial vehicles.

During the second half of 2016 the new references availability grown even stronger with:

25 references of Clutch Kits applying for Euro6 compliant applications

(Mercedes, MAN, Iveco and Scania).

90 references of clutch kits applying for Japanese vehicle applications

32 references of de brake linings

18 references for air conditioning

26 references for column modules

Regarding Services comes up in with strong initiatives for commercial vehicles

Firstly, a most extensive and qualitative warranty program for truck clutches. Since July 1st 2016 clutch products benefit from a 2 years warranty with unlimited mileage all over Europe*.

The Valeo “We care for you” strategy aims at enhancing proximity with our customers and meets reality with key initiatives like the Valeo on Tour promoting the global offer in the Valeo Demo trailer all over Europe,

The Connected Hotline enabling us to help efficiently our customers by seeing what they see or MyValeoParts the new part finder App.

In 2017, Valeo Service will keep up with this pace with many additional product launches, services and new major achievements.

Winner Automechanicka Innovation award for Valeo SCALA®

Winner Pace AwardTM for the Electric Supercharger 48V

Finalist Automechanicka innovation award for the Electric Supercharger 48V

*The countries covered by the new warranty scheme are European Union  28 Countries added by Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo