Total SKF Steering and Suspension range is now available

Almost since the invention of the automobile, SKF has been an important contributor of automotive technology to race teams around the world. Irrespective of the type of racing, stability, durability, and manoeuvrability are critical to victory. Today’s race cars employ the most advanced steering and suspension system components. In racing, it’s not all about power. You need stability and control to gain the vital milli-seconds on lap times and navigate the most challenging circuits and terrains in the world. Its extensive racing experience enables SKF to offer products to the aftermarket that keep drivers safe even in the harshest conditions.

Formula One provides a unique environment for SKF to push the limits of bearing technology. For over 70 years, SKF products, engineering and knowledge have been helping Formula One teams win races. Lessons learned here are applied to the products we provide to the aftermarket.

Steering and Suspension range with over 2900 references

The right steering and suspension components are vital for a smooth, comfortable ride, and essential for maintaining control, minimizing braking distances, and reducing tyre wear. Our complete range of high-quality kits means you don’t have to look any further.

For automotive aftermarket distributors, the new range of SKF Steering and Suspension parts means less administration, optimized logistics and better sales support. We are pleased to announce that the whole range with over 2900 references is now available.

Steering and suspension range

  • Ball joint
  • Track control arm and wishbone
  • Stabilizer link
  • Silent blocks
  • Top mount kit
  • Suspension repair kit
  • Suspension arm kit
  • Strut protection kit
  • Suspension bearing
  • Tie rod end
  • Axial joint
  • Rod assembly
  • Steering boot