TEXA was established in 1992 at Monastier di Treviso, and today is a European leader in the design and production of multibrand diagnostic tools, exhaust gas analysers and air conditioning maintenance stations. TEXA operates virtually all over the world through an extensive distribution network. In Spain, France, Great Britain, Germany, Brazil, the United States, Poland, Russia and Japan, TEXA markets its products directly through its own subsidiaries. TEXA employs some 500 people around the world, including over 100 engineers and specialists working in Research and Development.

Over the years, TEXA has received a great deal of international recognition. The company won the coveted Frost & Sullivan Award in 2006 and 2007, the GIPA (Groupement Inter Professionnel de l’Automobile) Award in 2009 for its TEXAEDU programme and again in 2013 for its communications. In 2009, TEXA won the Gold Medal at the Grand Prix Internationaux dell’Innovation Automobile in Paris and in 2011 the “Galeria de Innovacion” Award at Motortec in Madrid. In 2011, the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, presented TEXA’s founder and CEO, Bruno Vianello, with the national award reserved for Italy’s most innovative company. In 2014 TEXA repeated its 2010 success at Frankfurt, when it won the prestigious Automechanika Innovation Award in two separate categories and also won the Autotrade Expo Innovation Award in Dublin. In 2015, MIT Technology Review classed TEXA as one of the ten most “disruptive” companies in Italy. All TEXA tools are designed, engineered and built in Italy, using modern automated production lines, a guarantee of maximum precision. TEXA focuses careful attention on product quality, and has obtained certification in accordance with the strict ISO TS 16949 requirements for suppliers of original equipment to the automotive industry.


Texa offers an extremely complete series of diagnostic products, which ranges from the famous NAVIGATOR interfaces, in various versions, to the very new AXONE 4, AXONE 4 Mini and AXONE S displays, through the multiple award-winning on-board diagnostic tools OBD Log and OBD MATRIX, up to a customised solution for FAST FIT centres and type shops such as NanoService.


AXONE S, combined with the TPS KEY kit, is the solution for an advanced tyre specialist who needs a tool capable of carrying out all the operations connected to the TPMS, including the direct reprogramming of the tyre valves and of the electronic control units installed on the vehicle. TPS is the tool that TEXA offers for TPMS operations featured by a high-level coverage of makes and models.


UNIProbe and TwinProbe are two acquisition devices for analogue and digital measurements intended for all the traditional diagnostic tests. UNIProbe is the most complete and high-performing solution which includes over 6 different tools within the same device. TwinProbe is the most inexpensive device which combines the practicality of a wireless tool with the high degree of professionalism derived from UNIProbe.


TEXA’s KONFORT range includes stations for the recovery, recycling and charging of vehicle A/C systems made up of 9 different models in order to adapt to all workshop needs. The various models of the Konfort range are able to operate on both the R134a and R1234yf gases (the version 780R Bi-Gas even simultaneously). The Konfort range is protected by several patents.


OPABOX Autopower is a partial-flow opacimeter for controlling diesel engines, equipped with a latest generation fume analysis chamber. GASBOX Autopower is an exhaust gas analyser for petrol, LPG and methane engines. All of this thanks to the use of the ETS software for the management of TEXA’s equipment dedicated to the analysis of polluting emissions. TEXA developed RC2 and RC3 for the rpm and engine temperature detection. RCM is the revolutionary motorcycle rev counter, very useful during inspections also.


TMD is TEXA’s revolutionary system that added the parameters acquired directly from the vehicle electronic control units alongside the traditional data obtained by the GPS technology. The TMD system allows you to verify the kilometres travelled by acquiring the value directly from the vehicle’s instrument panel or to control the fuel consumption by cross-checking the value of the tank level with the data from the engine control unit. TMD also allows you to plan the maintenance activities using a preventive and predictive approach thanks to the connection with the vehicle’s electronics.


TEXA guarantees its customers an efficient after-sales assistance service, assuring care in the relationships, quick responses and effort in finding the right solutions. The purpose of the services is to make modern workshops more efficient and complete day after day by offering vehicle repairers all the competence possible and constant support in their daily activities.

For more info visit TEXA web site: www.texa.com