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The new IDC4E TRUCK 37 update is the result of an impressive research and development activity focused on the most important and widespread makes of industrial vehicles, light commercial vehicles and buses. The extraordinary coverage guaranteed by the software dedicated to the TRUCK environment allows repairers worldwide to work with great efficiency and competence on heavy-duty vehicles in their workshops.

Among the new software features introduced starting from this update, we wish to highlight the Test Drive function which allows you to record the diagnostic session while the vehicle is moving in order to identify specific faults that cannot be detected in a workshop.

As far as the diagnostic developments are concerned, it is important to point out, among the others, the work that was completed for theEuro 6 vehicles of the makes DAF, IVECO, MAN, RENAULT TRUCKS, VOLVO. The software also offers new Wiring Diagrams and new DASHBOARDS.


“Test Drive” function – WATCH THE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/-r6btckGNj8?utm_source=NEX&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=ENG

The electronic devices installed on board of vehicles, if on one hand improve the reliability, performances and safety, on the other they can hide critical points connected to the occurrence of sporadic or intermittent faults that appear only in certain driving conditions. These malfunctions, if not promptly solved, can jeopardise the use of the vehicle, causing great inconveniences both for the customer and for the mechanic.

To meet these needs, TEXA developed the new “Test Drive” function, available starting from the IDC4E TRUCK 37 update and later for the CAR and OHW environments also using the NAVIGATOR TX* range tools, which allows you to record the diagnostic session while the vehicle is moving in order to identify specific faults that otherwise cannot be detected in a workshop.

Once the NAVIGATOR is connected to the diagnostic socket, simply access the diagnosis and create a list of favourite Parameters. At this point, after clicking on the Test Drive button, the tool sets itself in recording mode and the vehicle can be driven out of the workshop normally. The interface will recreate a complete outline of the situation in which the fault occurred, supplying important elements for the analysis of the problem in order to identify the causes of the fault and be able to repair the vehicle once it returns to the workshop.

*The NAVIGATOR TX range tools that are compatible with the Test Drive function are the ones that have the prefix of the serial number that starts with the following letters: DNH, DNG, DNF, DNB, DNI, DNN.




This software version dedicated to the TPMS products (TPS and TPS KEY) for tyre maintenance enhances the database of TEXA’s tools with important new features:

  • The TWS (TEXA WIRELESS SCAN) function has been further increased making it quicker and even more reliable and precise while scanning the different sensors;

  • The already rich database of the sensors on which it is possible to work on, has been extended to the very new:

  • EZ-sensor 2.0 ®

  • T-PRO2 ®

  • Alcar by Schrader ®

  • The coverage of vehicles on which it is possible to read/code/programme the different sensors has been implemented with new models, making TEXA’s TPMS database among the most complete ones that are available on the market today.