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After a record 2014 for the KONFORT range, TEXA is now introducing another two aircon stations with an excellent price/quality ratio.

2014 was a fantastic year for TEXA’s KONFORT range of A/C recharge stations, with a record production of around 6000 units, over 1000 of which were configured for the new R1234yf refrigerant.

Now, to coincide with Autopromotec, TEXA is presenting another two new models to complement to seven already in production (705R, 710R, 720R, 760R, 760R BUS, 770S and 780R BI-GAS): the KONFORT 707R, designed for use exclusively with the new R1234yf refrigerant, and the KONFORT 705R OFF-ROAD.


The KONFORT 707R is a basic, competitively priced and easy to use recharge station that nevertheless boasts extremely advanced design solutions. It is fully automatic in functioning and guarantees excellent efficiency and safety.

The “heart” of the system and the external casing are made from top quality components.

This innovative recharge station stands out from the competition for its exceptional characteristics. It incorporates a dehydrator filter that lets you perform up to 300 recharges, a scales locking system to prevent loss of calibration, and an intuitive alphanumeric keyboard. Other important features of the KONFORT 707R are its convenient height and its 4 castoring wheels, designed to let you perform all tasks with ease. The KONFORT 707R also records the services it performs and can provide details of all past maintenance operations. It comes with provision for installation of a refrigerant identifier kit, an indispensable accessory for preventing contamination by counterfeit refrigerants that could cause irreparable damage to customers’ vehicles and to the recharge station itself.


The KONFORT 705R OFF ROAD has been developed from the 705R, the “entry level” recharge station for vehicle A/C systems, designed to provide a simple but complete solution to all recovery and recharging needs involving only R134a, at a highly competitive price.

The OFF ROAD version boasts the same technical specifications as the basic 705R with its characteristic casing but also offers a number of special features developed specifically for operations on rough terrain.

The KONFORT 705R OFF ROAD has two larger rear wheels than the other machines in the KONFORT range. On top of this, the tyres are filled with a special anti-puncture foam, a highly useful feature when working outside the workshop. Instead of the two front wheels found on standard workshop models, the OFF ROAD version has a robust metal bar for even greater stability during use. Another feature designed specifically for off road applications is a scales locking system that prevents the loss of calibration during movement over rough ground.

Alongside these important new features, TEXA has maintained the same functions that made the 705R such a worldwide success in 2014. Light weight, easy manoeuvrability, and TEXA’s traditional build quality are some of the key characteristics of this recharge station. The simplicity, precision and huge standard database (containing around 14,000 selections for the CAR, TRUCK and AGRI environments) make the 705R OFF ROAD the perfect partner for mechanics who need to be able to operate inside and outside the workshop in their daily work.


After Autopromotec, IDC4 becomes IDC4e to emphasise the many improvements introduced.

IDC4, generally considered the best software on the market, is constantly evolving. Updates are frequent too, thanks to continuous dialogue with professional mechanics who help TEXA follow the rapid developments in the technologies and systems associated with the world of electronic diagnostics. The new CAR 58 and TRUCK 36 versions, released to concide with Autopromotec, will soon be followed by new releases for the BIKE, OFF-HIGHWAY and MARINE environments too. On top of the continuous increase in coverage and the addition of new vehicles, these latest releases are easier to use than ever before, and fully merit the designation “Evo”.

The main improvements consist of a new, re-organised user interface with larger, more intuitive icons that group together and highlight the functions most commonly used in garages, guaranteeing exceptionally rapid use. The new features are designed to save precious time in the workshop.

So let’s have a look at the characteristics of the latest IDC4 software:

1 – Global Systems Scanning through the extraordinary TGS3s function, Vehicle Maintenance, Settings and Codes and Device Check functions have all been included in the Autodiagnostics menu for easy use.

2 – The vehicle selection process has been redesigned to make it more intuitive and to reduce the number of steps involved. Vehicles can now be selected in just a few clicks. The new “START” button, located alongside the selected system, provides instant access to the ERRORS screen.

3 – Navigation between screens is easier than ever thanks to the introduction of tabs (PARAMETERS, ERROR, ECU INFO, ACTIVATIONS, SETTINGS).

4 – A new function called “Wiring Diagram Detail” makes an instant link between the error read from the control unit and the corresponding component on the wiring diagram. From the wiring diagram you can access the test functions and device descriptions typical of the IDC4 operating environment.

5 – Favourite parameters always available. This function enables the user to create logical parameter groupings for investigating possible vehicle malfunctions.

6 – The reorganised software also lets you access all the vehicle’s technical documentation directly from the Autodiagnostics function.

7 – The Client Manager section has also been redesigned and lets you manage your customers through detailed profiles of their vehicles and the jobs done on them.


TEXA presents useful new functions for tyre pressure monitoring systems.

A few months ago it became obligatory for European vehicles destined for the transport of persons to be equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

TEXA was quick to respond with its AXONE S TPS, TPS and TPS KEY tools, and has since established itself as one of the global leaders in this sector. TEXA is introducing additional new functions to coincide with the Autopromotec exhibition:


This great new function simplifies recognition of the sensors installed on a vehicle. With TWS, you can scan a vehicle’s TPMS sensors and display information on the tool’s own screen. This revolutionary new functionality saves a great deal of time and boosts your workshop’s productivity.


TEXA’s renowned commitment to continuous improvement has led to the development and launch of a docking station specifically for programming CUB brand sensors. This important extension in sensor coverage places TEXA’s TPMS solutions well ahead of the competition. Choosing TEXA means investing in a TPMS tool of unrivalled design, quality and versatility with exclusive performance and functionalities.


More and more bikes come as standard or can be fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system, a major contribution to safety. Building on its vast experience in the car sector, TEXA has developed a specific solution for checking the correct functioning of TPMS systems on motorcycles too, and has extended its already vast vehicle coverage to include the many bike models now equipped with this technology.

For more info visit TEXA web site: www.texa.com