SKF publishes new engine troubleshooting guide

This guide demonstrates how to inspect and diagnose system damages and gives examples of the best way to replace defective parts. Instructional guides like this one help technicians carry out correct repairs, reduce warranty claims and increase customer satisfaction.

The SKF engine guide provides:

  • General information about the timing and auxiliary system as well as the water pump
  • In-depth explanation of system components like the freewheel alternator pulley or the active crankshaft damper
  • 55 visual examples of typical damages their likely root causes as well as explanations for correct handling of the component and solving the underlying issue
  • Five case studies focusing on damaged components at popular engines and the lesson to learn to avoid future damages or repeat repairs

The engine guide includes information such as:

  • Consequences of incorrect timing and auxiliary belt tension
  • Results of angular and parallel pulley misalignment
  • Tips for testing the function of the torsional vibration damper/active crankshaft damper
  • The importance of flushing the cooling system and replacing cooling fluid effectively

The engine guide is currently available in eight languages (English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish). Seven more languages will be made available during the fall of 2015 (Finnish, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Swedish).

To order a digital copy of the engine guide, please contact your local SKF representative or Merlind Hinz, +46 31 3371034

Printed versions will also be made available at selected authorized SKF distributors and dealers all around Europe.