SKF invests in logistic solutions for fast and flexible delivery of vehicle spare parts

To further strengthen its position in the automotive aftermarket, SKF is investing in new, agile warehouse solutions to fulfill the demand for fast, flexible and cost-efficient deliveries.

Through small satellite branches to SKF’s main logistics hub in Belgium, customers get the chance to place same day delivery orders and through this optimize their own stocking systems. Even remotely located distributors or dealerships don’t need to keep high levels of own stock anymore, as they can now get deliveries basically at a moment’s notice and to any location (incl. local branches and garages).

After a first and successful start of a new logistic concept in Madrid, Spain, several more of these logistic service centers will be opening throughout Europe during the coming months and years.

The newest addition to the SKF warehouse family is the VSM Service Stock Marieholm, in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

Located centrally within the Nordic countries and equipped with a stock in excess of 5.000 references, reflecting the typical Nordic car park, this new logistic solution can reduce lead times to customers by up to 3 days and decreases the charge for same day orders in Sweden by up to 60%.

“The inclusion of slow movers in our warehouse stock combined with the option for same day delivery gives our customers the unique opportunity to supply their garages with parts for virtually any vehicle repair at a moment’s notice and optimize their stocks. In addition this operation will support the introduction of new product lines like chain kits, and facilitate better service for the driveline business. All this makes the new VSM Service Stock Nordic basically an extension to our customer’s own stocking shelves”, says Juergen Memmel, E-Business and Logistics Manager for the Vehicle Service Market Europe.

The new solution for Nordic customers at a glance:

  • Optimum availability: 5.000 references on stock at all times

    Accurate and easy online enquiries: customers can see real-time availability via the industry leading business platform TecCom

  • Flexible delivery options: orders can be shipped to any address (incl. local branch offices and stores), available delivery options include Post Nord trucks, plane, taxi, personal pick-up
  • Fast transportation: same day (SD) deliveries and customer pickup possible
  • Cost-efficient transportation: central geographic location reduces transportation cost significantly (example: standard same day truck delivery up to 35 kg only 75 SEK in Sweden)
  • Lean set up: No additional fees for small orders, only charge for SD transportation