With a program enhancement under its INA brand, Schaeffler now has switchable water pumps in its spare parts portfolio for VW models (1.4 TSI and 1.6, 2.0 TDI engines) and for Mercedes-Benz models (180-220 CDI engines). With these three new water pumps, Schaeffler covers about 4 million more vehicles in Europe.

Switchable INA water pumps allow a more precise control of coolant flow-rates throughout the entire cooling circuit. In contrast to conventional mechanical pumps, a switchable water pump supplies coolant only when it is actually needed. In doing so, engine warm-up is shortened, for example, which in turn saves energy and fuel, and dramatically improves emission values.

Responsible for this is its electric actuator, which adapts pumping capacity to different operating conditions of the engine. The engine control unit sends a signal to the actuator, based on the engine’s current temperature, to activate or deactivate the shut-off function. A shut-off plate is then slid over the impellers (on the VW 1.6/2.0 TDI, Mercedes Benz 180-220 CDI engines) or the water pump pulley is decoupled (on the VW 1.4 TSI engine) both of which control flow capacity in the cooling system. Without these operational features, higher fuel consumption and more toxic emissions are the result.

The new switchable water pumps enhance an already comprehensive program for the automotive aftermarket. Under its INA brand, Schaeffler offers mechanical, switchable, and electric water pumps for nearly every vehicle type in Europe. Schaeffler is also exclusive manufacturer globally of the intelligent thermal management module for about 3 million vehicles of the Volkswagen Group. All components are made with extremely robust and wear-resistant materials that help prevent a loss of coolant and also guarantees sealing of the pump at high pressure and temperatures.

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The switchable INA water pumps for the automotive aftermarket have an electric actuator that adapts pumping capacity to different operating conditions of the engine.