OE-quality vital to spark plug season

With fuel efficiency increasingly important factors for many drivers across the UK, the benefits of OE-quality replacement spark plugs can play a vital role for workshops and distributors in appealing to customers and end-users during what is a key period for the industry in spark plug sales.

The DENSO Spark Plug range now has an excellent global OEM share and its aftermarket Spark Plug range brings this OE expertise and advanced technologies to workshops and distributors; providing customers with quality replacement spark plugs, which ultimately cements the business’s reputation.

Iridium TT

With iridium overtaking platinum spark plugs as the new OEM standard, DENSO developed Iridium TT spark plugs to provide the aftermarket with a top-performing iridium replacement plug.

Featuring the world’s smallest electrode diameter at 0.4mm Iridium TT spark plugs require a lower voltage to create the spark. This allows for a more effective spark and ensures improved performance across the spectrum, particularly on cold starts during the extreme weather in the winter months.

The faster flame growth allowed by the needle-like electrodes means that more of the fuel mixture is entirely burned. This improves power, but also means there is less fuel required to generate the same power output, as less fuel goes to waste in the exhaust, thus increasing fuel efficiency.

The landmark spark plug provides an excellent lifetime of up to 120,000 kilometers – more than three times that of standard plug competitors and twice as long as platinum plugs, providing an unrivalled service for end-users and boost customer satisfaction.

Nickel TT

DENSO’s world-first patented Nickel TT spark plug features many of the advanced technologies of the Iridium TT, providing high efficiency at lower costs. A nickel centre and a ‘twin’ 1.5mm diameter protruding ground electrode helps the plug achieve excellent ignition efficiency without using expensive precious metals.

The Twin-Tip technology provides a similar boon to cold starts as its Iridium TT counterpart; requiring a lower voltage to produce a spark and ignite the engine, ensuring a stronger start even in extreme weather conditions for unrivalled reliability in the approaching winter months.

As winter takes its toll on old and poorly maintained ignition parts, it is important that workshops can provide customers with a high quality, reliable and durable spark plug. Knowing the advantages of OE-quality products can convince a customer to choose better quality products, boosting customer satisfaction and helping both the workshop and customer in the long run.