NTN-SNR wins Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation

Comprising nearly 60 journalists from the international trade press of 20 countries, the jury for the EQUIP AUTO International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation has just named the winners of this 2015 edition.

NTN-SNR brought home the silver Trophy in the category OEM and New Technologies with the PCS Hub Joint, a particularly innovative system for connecting the hub bearing to the transmission shaft.

  • The main concepts behind this innovation are:
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced weight of components due to finer splines, a hub pilot made of aluminium and a thinner hub.
  • Lower energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions
  • Absence of clearance between the splines, resulting in enhanced comfort and handling
  • Easier access to the gearbox and clutch assembly, resulting in time savings for the mechanics.

The PCS Hub Joint can be used in all vehicle segments, from micro cars to SUVs, and makes it possible to rationalise the components. Several car manufacturers, including DAIMLER, FIAT, FORD, NISSAN, RENAULT, have already carried out series production design studies for this new system, which is slated for market launch in 2018.

Aftermarket friendly … an innovation with service in mind

With their advanced technological expertise, the NTN-SNR engineers have succeeded in developing innovative OEM products which are also designed to meet the demands of the automotive aftermarket.

  • Thanks to simple and efficient technology, they have achieved the following
  • Access to the gearbox and the clutch assembly is considerably easier: the lower wishbone no longer impedes removal of the transmission
  • This keeps the area around the wheel protected and saves time for the mechanics
  • It means financial benefits for garage owners and drivers: reduced service time

Having created and developed the instrumented bearing technology ASB® (Active Sensor Bearing), which has nowadays become the global standard, NTN-SNR has proven the strength of its innovative capacity once again.

This innovation will be exhibited at EQUIP-AUTO NTN-SNR STAND – Hall 6 Aisle K – N° 060

  • About R&D at NTN-SNR:
  • Global R&D centre based in Japan
  • European R&D centre based in Annecy, France
  • From high-tech mechanical engineering to mechatronics integrated in the bearings
  • A number of successes…

    – Bearings for wind turbines and for high performance aeronautics applications: Ariane V, AIRBUS

  • For the automotive industry, low-environmental-impact products and concepts using new technologies for engine systems and hybridisation

    – All-electric vehicles, wheel motors and hybrids, etc.

    – High-reliability products for use in harsh environments


Contacts: NTN-SNR

Aftermarket Marketing Director

Christophe Espine

email: christophe.espine@ntn-snr.fr

Automotive Aftermarket Communications Manager

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