The jury of the International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation comprising more than 60 specialised journalists from 14 countries has just reached its verdict about the pre-selected companies.

NTN-SNR is one of the happy winners in the category “Parts, Equipment and Components” with a major innovation that makes it possible to cut the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of vehicles.

An innovative NTN-SNR brand solution for Start & Stop technology

NTN-SNR has developed a hydraulic accessories belt tensioner roller with a variable damping mechanism for engines using the integrated Start & Stop starter function ISG (Integrated Starter Generator)

The NTN-SNR innovation: Let’s talk engineering, how it works …

The automatic tensioners used to adjust belt tension in ISG systems up till now are regulated with a high tension that is enough to restart the engine but one that leads to higher fuel consumption during normal operation.

The new NTN-SNR automatic tensioner with a variable damping mechanism automatically adjusts the roller under optimum settings to match the engine operating conditions.

A relatively low tension is applied while rolling in order to diminish fuel consumption, and to ensure sufficiently high tension at the moment when the engine should restart, thereby providing the vehicle with greater reliability when starting the engine and optimising fuel consumption.

The design conforms with existing NTN-SNR products, in order to maintain roller installation compatibility without the need to modify the engine design.

Twenty years after having won the Innovation Grand Prix for ASB® technology, and after having earned the Silver Grand Prix in the Original Equipment category during the previous edition of Equip Auto in 2015, this pre-selection for the Grands Prix 2017 represents yet another recognition of the expertise and innovative prowess of NTN-SNR, both in original equipment and in the aftermarket.