NTN-SNR presents the ceramic ball wheel bearing developed hand in hand with Jaguar – a world premiere for a mass production vehicle

This year’s participation of NTN-SNR at the Automechanika show in Frankfurt features the presentation of the ceramic ball wheel bearing they developed for the Jaguar XE SV Project 8, the high-performance sports version of the XE sedan. This technology is the first of its kind in a sedan designed for use on both road and track.

Drawn directly from its expertise in aeronautics and car racing, the ceramic ball bearing offers the perfect answer to the strict performance and service life specifications requested by Jaguar. This bearing has been nominated for an Automechanika Innovation Award. The other innovation on display is the new hydraulic roller with a variable adjustment mechanism for optimal operation in Stop&Start engine applications, which is now ready for both OEM and the aftermarket. At its 200-m2 stand, NTN-SNR is also exhibiting a continuously growing range structured according to its three product lines – Powertrain, Chassis and Driveline – along with its complete offer of services. Automechanika is an opportunity for NTN-SNR to remind everyone of the power of the global group, which, as a leading OEM manufacturer and supplier, guarantees quality throughout the aftermarket.

A world premiere and future possibilities
To meet the extremely demanding specifications of the Jaguar XE SV Project 8, NTN-SNR created a wheel bearing technology using ceramic balls, which has been developed and tested in single seater race cars and 24 hour Le Mans race cars. With a weight saving of 210 grams per bearing, the 840- gram overall reduction contributes to the performance of this sports car, where weight is a major factor. In addition, these bearings allow for better rigidity when fitted to the vehicle, thereby reducing bearing deformation when the vehicle is out on the race track. This helps, in turn, to ensure the excellent dynamics required in the chassis of a vehicle with a top speed of nearly 200 mph. And finally, by reducing friction losses it also enhances performance and lowers fuel consumption. This project has been added to NTN-SNR’s research plan and has helped to accelerate the development of ceramic wheel bearing technology, which will no doubt soon be used on mass-produced vehicles.

A new advanced tensioner pulley for Stop&Start engines
Having already unveiled it in Japan and in France in the fall of 2017, NTN-SNR is launching its hydraulic accessory belt tensioner roller with variable damping mechanism in Europe. It adapts better to the tension variations due to the starter-generator in engines with an ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) Stop&Start function. Essentially identical in design, its weight differs from that of a classic roller by a mere 7 grams. As a result, it can be integrated immediately without any engine design modification, providing perfect interchangeability in both OEM and aftermarket applications.
These two innovations demonstrate NTN-SNR’s desire and determination to invest in R&D, applying advanced technologies to reduce weight and energy consumption, which in turn will help reduce CO2 emissions.

An OEM world leader for a wider aftermarket range
NTN-SNR’s three product lines Powertrain, Chassis and Driveline aftermarket ranges benefit directly from all the expertise, premium quality and synergies of the OEM production of the Group.
For the Powertrain line, NTN is a world leading manufacturer of pulleys – even more essential than the belt itself – and supplies original equipment parts to the major vehicle manufacturers such as VAG, Toyota and Mercedes. Those pulleys satisfy extremely demanding specifications in terms of durability and reliability. All of NTN-SNR’s timing kits reflect that same uncompromising quality standard in their choice of components. The range covers 97% of all vehicles for each product category.

For the Chassis line, NTN-SNR is the leader in wheel bearings, especially those of the 3rd generation, which are found in both OEM and aftermarket applications and cover 98% of all vehicles. The same holds for the aftermarket range of CV joints, where NTN is the #2 OEM supplier worldwide, and of suspension bearings, where NTN-SNR is #1 in Europe. With all these chassis parts, NTN-SNR never loses sight of its absolute priority: safety.
And finally, for the Driveline range, 100% of the gearbox bearings produced as original equipment are offered for the aftermarket: a large range of parts also supplied to the major vehicle manufacturers, guaranteeing the perfect reliability that these parts require.