NTN-SNR launches their new 2018 suspension catalogue

Fully dedicated to suspension, this new 360-page catalogue contains over 500 references, including 160 new introductions. It offers a wide range to automobile distribution and repair professionals covering all the brands of the European and Asian fleet.

A complete range of 100% original quality 

In order to meet the growing requirements of professionals, NTN-SNR now offers a range of:

– 378 front and rear suspension kits

– 59 strut bearings

– 18 rear suspension arm kits

In addition to the suspension range, 50 strut bushes in unit assembly are also offered.

The new products also include a kit for the latest Nissan Qashqai that is the result of NTN-SNR’s expertise in original equipment.

Products for new vehicles such as Dacia, Daewoo, DS, Jaguar, Jeep, Porsche and Smart, among others, are also available.

A work tool designed for professionals

A clear summary, the use of product photos, and a rational page layout organised around three search criteria mean that parts can be identified quickly and avoids the risk of errors.

the vehicle application

the original reference

the NTN-SNR reference accompanied by a product photo.

There are also many diagrams linked to the vehicle applications.

This NTN-SNR 2018 catalogue is a veritable work tool that is even more practical and efficient.

In order to meet ever-growing international demand, this edition is available in nine languages.

This new catalogue offers a special range of tools developed in partnership with the German tool-maker Hazet.

The TechScaN’R application: where service is the priority

The TechScaN’R app for smartphones and tablets provides access to all the online technical information once the NTN-SNR reference in the catalogues, among others, has been recognised. It also offers video tutorials for assembly, a view of the component part in augmented reality, assembly instructions and vehicle applications.

TechScaN’R has recently been expanded and now covers all the references from the NTN-SNR range and integrates manufacturer recommendations.

It’s a useful application for knowing which parts need to be ordered.

This new catalogue perfectly demonstrates NTN-SNR’s commitment to its distributor partners through its service provision.