NTN-SNR launches new range of timing chain kits

NTN-SNR is expanding its engine offer by launching 22 timing chain kits. This range is intended for the most popular European and Asian vehicles. It covers the most common applications requiring the replacement of the timing. Timing belts currently dominate the market, but forecasts predict that a growing number of vehicles with a timing chain are hitting the automotive aftermarket. The NTN-SNR kits contain all the components needed to easily replace a timing chain. This new products’ range offers solutions to meet the everyday needs of garages.

NTN-SNR is responding to market trends in engine timing
The timing market is still mainly dominated by timing belts. However, new technological constraints mean that chain-driven timing systems have become more popular as new engines were designed.

According to forecasts, the number of cars fitted with a timing chain system will increase from 30% to 40% by 2020. Today, 70% of repairs are performed by the manufacturer. As this fleet of vehicles is growing rapidly, demand for repair kits for these parts has also increased. Although timing chains have a longer lifespan than timing belts, the parts are subject to significant wear and so quality is of the essence. However, as is the case with belts, when a timing chain breaks, the repairs can be costly. Regular checks or preventive maintenance should be performed in vehicles that do a lot of mileage or if you hear any unusual noises.

The NTN-SNR offer: A range of chain kits for the most common applications
NTN-SNR has expanded its timing offering to meet the requirements and expectations of the European market. It now offers a range of Chain Kits (which include everything needed for repairs) designed for the most popular European and Asian vehicles, in addition to individual chain tensioners by NTN.

NTN-SNR has selected the best products with a range of 22 kits covering the most common applications requiring replacement of the timing. These kits include:
– Chain: made of high-quality steel to guarantee endurance and reliability
– Chain tensioners: hydraulic tensioners ensure perfect tension and optimum engine function
– Guides: made of very sturdy plastic to ensure the chain is guided with precision
– Pinions: with a specific surface treatment to improve the resistance of the toothed areas NTN-SNR also offers six individual chain tensioners for Subaru, Suzuki and Honda that are manufactured in the group’s Japanese factories.

All of the necessary tools are available for this new range: a Timing catalogue, a dedicated sales team in every country, a technical evaluation laboratory, and the confidence that comes from working with a world-renowned group that is highly specialised in the automotive sector.

#PERFORMANCEINSIDE NTN-SNR, a supplier for the engine body
A major supplier of automotive spare parts, NTN-SNR relies on its know-how and its presence in the original equipment market—in particular for VAG, SMART, Toyota or Hyundai applications—to implement the development strategy for its Timing range within NTN-SNR’s engine offer.

#PERFORMANCEINSIDE is a major focus and can be summarised as follows:
> Optimum functioning of the engine for a unique result and driving comfort
> Long-lasting, high-quality products designed for customer satisfaction
> The company’s promise, including the ranges, support and know-how expected from an original equipment manufacturer.