In parallel, vehicle manufacturers requests have become more and more technical: increased compactness and lightness, durability and greater efficiency.

With increasing sales of SUV and pick-up style vehicles and higher vehicle car parcs in developing countries the demand for Constant Velocity driveshafts is increasing.

All of these elements led NTN-SNR to offer its customers products of transmission which satisfy all of these requirements.

Complete CV joint kit = Driveshaft kit: (shaft, inboard and outboard CV joints)

Outboard Joint kit (inboard tulip CV joints or outboard cup CV joints)

Boot kit (2 sides).

The driveshaft is a safety critical component

NTN-SNR is relying on the know-how of NTN Transmissions Europe. The NTN Group is no. 2 in the world in the production of OEM CV joint kits today, with 40 million CV joints per year manufactured in 14 factories around the world. More than five million of those CV joints are manufactured for OEM in Europe – basically all of them at the factory in Le Mans, France. NTN-SNR is emphasising its expertise, especially with its 8-ball joint technology, which makes it possible to reduce the package space of the CV joint and provide better acoustic performance.


– As the 2nd largest CVJ manufacturer worldwide NTN-SNR is an established and respected manufacturer, with more than 40 Milions parts being manufactured annually in its own plants across 5 separate continents.

R&D partner and supplier to the worlds vehicle manufactures, NTN-SNR offers a large range of products for vehicle manufacturers throughout world such as Renault, Mercedes, Mini, Jeep, Opel, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota, Dacia, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Honda, Volkswagen, Ford, Land Rover, Volvo, BMW, Lotus…

– NTN-SNR offers products that are original certified quality, NTN-SNR offers innovation, PCS (Press Connected Splines) and eight ball CVJ , these joints offer greater safety, increased performance, reduced fuel consumption and a reduction of CO2 emissions

– Technical support is avalable on NTN-SNR products via (TechScaN’R, TechInfos, etc….)

– All the OEM components are included in the kit, helping make any repair simple, quick and reliable.