North America becomes number one region within Nexus community


NEXUS Automotive International (N!) has welcomed two important new members in North America, consolidating its presence in what is now its number one region.

The initial member AUTOMOTIVE DISTRIBUTION THE NETWORK (The NETWORK), which joined N! in July last year, has now been joined in the N! community by AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATES (APA) and VIPAR Heavy Duty.

Gael Escribe, Chief Executive of NEXUS Automotive International, said: “We outlined recently the strategic objective of North America becoming our number one region. “With AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATES (APA), VIPAR Heavy Duty and The NETWORK joining as full members, those plans are becoming reality ahead of our initial roadmap. We’re delighted to have three such important members integrated into our fast-growing N! global community.”

AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATES (APA) is a member owned cooperative made up of over 95 independent warehouse distributors and over 375 locations in North America. Its members’ distribution centers in the US and Canada offer a wide assortment of national brand product lines, along with a unique assortment of Import OE brands through its SIPS (Society of Import Parts Specialists) affiliated members, as well as a substantial array of Professionals’ Choice private brand products.

Gary Martin, President and CEO of APA, said: “We are delighted to be joining NEXUS Automotive International S.A. and look forward to working with The NETWORK and VIPAR in developing new and exciting opportunities in the all-important North America market.” VIPAR Heavy Duty is North America’s leading network of independent aftermarket truck parts distributors, serving its customers from more than 550 locations across the  United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

In addition to its distributors under the VIPAR Heavy Duty brand, the VIPAR family of companies includes Power Heavy Duty and Global Parts network and as a collective organisation represents over 260 distribution companies with more than 775 locations throughout North America, as well as two brake manufacturing plants and two parts distribution centers.

Chris Baer, Executive Vice-President of VIPAR, said: “VIPAR Heavy Duty is pleased to be a member of NEXUS Automotive International S.A. N! will provide a platform for real & meaningful collaboration with other industry leading companies at an all new level.”

“N! plugs the VIPAR Family of Companies into a highly innovative global commercial vehicle community while allowing us to stay focused on our North American strategies and markets.”

AUTOMOTIVE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK is the umbrella organization for three of the premier groups in the US aftermarket – Parts Plus, Independent Auto Parts of America, and Auto Pride. Its President David Prater said: “The NETWORK has enjoyed its brief association with NEXUS Automotive International through meetings with their worldwide partners.

The ability to share resources and information has proven valuable as the global aftermarket continues to shrink. “From the onset, we saw N! as an opportunity to formalize some new relationships and begin working closer together on an international level. We are extremely excited that VIPAR Heavy Duty and APA have joined us a members.”

Gaël Escribe added: “The integration of The NETWORK, APA and VIPAR is 100% in line with the N! commitment to provide our partners with a global solution, and it extends at the same time the scale of business opportunities that will be at stake as from April 1st.”

Source: NEXUS Media Release US Members