NGK Spark Plug Europe’s Facebook page surpasses the mark of 100,000 fans

NGK Spark Plug Europe has launched a European fan page on Facebook which has already collected more than 100,000 fans – and the number of brand enthusiasts continues to grow. For anyone wanting to be part of the NGK community, this is the place to be.

The site is aimed at people with motor fuel running through their veins – workshop personnel as well as those simply mad about cars, motorbikes and motorsports. It offers an exciting mix of topics covering all facets of the NGK world. Technical videos provide information about new product launches and offer installation tips for professionals. Event and motorsports-related content, funnies, clips and prize draws make browsing through the latest news fun.

The milestone of 100,000 Facebook users to have joined the list of fans following NGK on the social network was reached in August. And the lively, pan-European NGK community continues to grow. Since the launch of NGK Spark Plug’s Facebook site, the makers have counted more than 500,000 interactions (likes, shares and comments) ? the most important currency on Facebook.

The European Facebook page of NGK Spark Plug Europe can be found at: