NGK Spark Plug Europe publishes new catalogues for marine applications and small engines

In time for the outdoor season, NGK Spark Plug has made two new catalogues available. Both the small engine catalogue 2016-2017 and the marine catalogue 2016-2017 come with an extended number of applications.

The small engine catalogue lists a total of 11,500 spark plug and glow plug applications. In addition to mowers, generators, trimmers and chain saws, which have always been part of NGK’s small engine catalogue, it covers a wide array of additional engines, e.g. for tractors, handling vehicles, forklifts and various tools. As a consequence, the catalogue comprises 5,500 more applications than the previous edition and doubles the number of linked applications. The catalogue also features a new segmentation: gasoline tools, diesel tools and gasoline engines. As many as 4,900 of the new applications belong to gasoline tools.

The marine catalogue lists 1,000 new applications for boats or jet skis. These derive from 30 new product references from NGK’s product range as well as from older references. 800 of the 1,000 applications are for outboard engines, 200 for inboard engines.

Both catalogues include much complementary information, including a reworked guidance on how to read NGK product codes on the spark plug to enable customers to gain as much information as possible about a given spark plug simply from its code.

The catalogues come in 13 languages. They are immediately available and can be downloaded as a PDF file from the download section of NGK’s website.