Ignition and sensor specialist NGK Spark Plug Europe has issued a new sensor

catalogue. It offers a complete overview of all sensors from the NTK Vehicle

Electronics brand which are available to Aftermarket distributors and workshops. This

includes lambda sensors, exhaust gas temperature sensors, nitrogen oxide sensors

and the recently launched range of manifold absolute pressure sensors and mass air

flow sensors.

Up to Automechanika 2016, NGK Spark Plug Europe published separate catalogues for

lambda sensors and exhaust gas temperature sensors (EGTS). Then, with the introduction of

the company’s new mass air flow sensors and manifold absolute pressure sensors

(MAP/MAF) assortment, NGK introduced the sensor catalogue 2016 – 2017. Over a good

1,000 pages, it includes a solution for the majority of European vehicles: 14,009 vehicle

applications for MAP, 8,306 for MAF, 15,950 for lambda sensors and 1,344 for EGTS. The

entire catalogue lists sensors for more than 246 million cars in Europe.

NGK also improved the table section and redesigned pictograms to improve readability and

enable quick identification of the ideal sensor. The catalogue also includes valuable technical

information regarding dimensions, cable lengths and connector designs, as well as about the

installation of NTK sensors. Additionally, a new translation key helps distributors and

workshops to understand what the NTK product number reveals about the respective sensor.

The sensor catalogue 2016 – 2017 includes 13 languages. It is available as a print version to distributors. NGK has also published a PDF file in the download section at www.ngk-europe.com.