The second generation of NGK Spark Plug’s New High Temperature glow plug (NHTC2) reflects the most recent advancement in diesel cold start technology. Now, NGK is making two NHTC2 glow plugs from its OE business with Mercedes-Benz and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles available to independent distributors and workshops. Additionally, an OE-identical glow plug with Advanced Quick Glow System (AQGS) covers more than 1.6 million cars in Europe.

NHTC2 glow plugs offer exceptional glowing characteristics, making them the preferred choice of many car manufacturers. They reach their operating temperature of 1,000 °C in just one second and can post-glow for more than ten minutes at temperatures of up to 1,350 °C. In doing so, they allow for an environmentally-friendly cold start and smooth idling even at lowest temperatures. They also contribute significantly towards the car manufacturers’ development strategy, in particular when it comes to meeting ever-stricter emission regulations.

The new NHTC2 glow plug with the Aftermarket designation CZ553 (NGK stock no. 92397) is equivalent to NGK’s OE glow plug CZ503 (FCA part no. 68286210AA), which NGK developed for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ 2.2-litre multi-jet II common-rail diesel engine installed in the Jeep Cherokee. NGK Spark Plug Europe is the exclusive OE and Aftermarket supplier for this engine. The same holds true for the second new NHTC2 glow plug CZ554 (NGK stock no. 90769), which is fitted by Mercedes-Benz in the Sprinter 311, 311 CDI, 411 and 411 CDI under the OE designation CZ504 (Mercedes-Benz part. no. 0011596501).

The third NGK glow plug now available to the Aftermarket is named Y1010AS. Its metal glow rod is 166 mm long and comes with a diameter of only 4 millimetres, enabling the plug to reach its operating temperature of 1,000 °C in just 3 seconds. Additionally, the glow plug is capable of post-glowing at an even temperature up to 60 seconds after engine start. In doingso, the Y1010AS makes a vital contribution both to safeguarding an optimal cold start at very low ambient temperatures as well as to reducing the emission of pollutant gases over the very first metres. It is a perfect replacement for glow plugs fitted in as many as 1.6 million cars in Europe and covers around 50 car applications including the Mercedes-Benz C180 and C200, Nissan’s Vito, Qashqai and X-Trail, Opel’s Vivarro and Renault’s Espace, Fluence, Grand Scenic or Megane.

All car applications with detailed information can be looked up in NGK’s product finder on the Internet at as well as in the relevant electronic catalogues. They are also included in NGK’s spark plug and glow plug catalogue 2016-2017.