NGK Spark Plug Europe provides independent distributors and workshops with seven spark plugs from the company’s OE business and, with that, a perfect replacement for spark plugs originally fitted in cars from BMW, Honda, Jaguar and Ford. For four of these spark plugs, NGK is even the sole supplier to OE and Aftermarket.

All the new spark plugs come with a centre electrode with iridium or platinum tip as well as with a ground electrode with a platinum chip. The use of these precious metals grants a high amount of resilience against electrode erosion and corrosion and allows the respective engines to deliver top performance over a long change interval.

The new spark plugs include the SILZKR7C11DS (NGK stock no. 94742, Honda part no. 12290R2CT01), the SILZKAR7E8S (NGK stock no. 93476, Jaguar part no. AJ812988), the LTR6BI-9 (NGK stock no. 92182, Ford part no. CM5E 12405 BA) and the LTR6DI-8 (NGK stock no. 96588, Ford part no. CB5E 12405 AA). NGK is the sole supplier of these four spark plugs for the OE and the independent Aftermarket and, with that, for the respective vehicle applications – including the Honda Civic 1.6 iVtec, Jaguar’s F-Type Supercharged, XF Supercharged and XJ Supercharged as well as various Ford Focus models.

The remaining three spark plugs are also specified as OE on the respective engines. They include the bi-hex spark plug LZFR6AP11GS (NGK stock no. 95712, BMW part no. 12120037663), which is the best choice for about 70 vehicle applications from virtually all series from BMW. The SILZKR7C11S (NGK stock no. 92932, Honda part no. 12290R1AH01) is a perfect match for the Honda CR-V 2.0 iVtec. And the ILTR5K13 (NGK stock no. 90607, Ford part no. CV6E 12405 AA) is OE in various Ford cars from the C-Max, Galaxy, Kuga and Mondeo ranges.

“With the addition of these seven spark plugs, we increase our coverage by another 600,000 cars in Europe and offer the independent workshops relevant spark plugs for their business,” comments David Loy, Marketing Director Aftermarket Europe at NGK Spark Plug Europe. “The new spark plugs for BMW and Ford cars in particular belong to the most important fast movers, which every distributor should stock.”