A NEXUSTRUCK workshops network has opened in Italy, providing a Heavy Duty ‘toolbox’ of new services for N! members in the country. The new network is a joint collaboration between Nexus Automotive International, Nexus Automotive Italia and N! member Pascoli Group.

Announcing the network’s launch, Pascoli Group CEO Elisabetta Pascoli said: “We want to offer the best solutions to our partners and help their business, especially in times such as these.

“The collaboration with NEXUS Automotive Italia and NEXUS Automotive International is extremely important and we are looking forward to creating a strong and motivated network, ready to collaborate with NEXUS Suppliers and to offer the best quality services to their customers.”

Elisabetta outlined all the services and advantages the network will have for N! members in Italy. These include the use of three different databases, updated daily, which offer the latest technical information, and which can be part of large, certificated training program in collaboration with the NEXUS Academy and professional schools in Italy.

Workshop customers will also benefit from the 24-hours-a-day technical assistance offered by NEXUS through the innovative NEXUSTRUCK app.

Roberto Olivero, President of Nexus Automotive Italia, said: “NEXUS Automotive Italia initiated a new path at the beginning of the year, focussed on strengthening and growing the structure in Italy.

“Thanks to the entrance of Elisabetta, and her joining the NEXUS Board of Directors, our footprint is now even more international. We planned to further expand our network in Italy, and we are pleased to announce two new members as from January 2021.”

Philippe Guyot, Director of Nexus Automotive International, added: “NEXUS Automotive International has put in place a real Heavy Duty strategy since 2018, our truck community is composed today by more than 100 members all around the world and the NEXUSTRUCK workshops network is rapidly expanding all over Europe and beyond. We are proud of the work done in Italy, demonstrating once again our innovative approach by building a new concept of workshops, more digital and accessible.”