NEXUS Automotive International was among around 40 leading organisations and environmental influencers gathered for the launch of the Circular Car Initiative (CCI), a multi-stakeholder drive led by the World Economic Forum to decarbonise the automotive manufacturing sector.

The launch, on Thursday 23rd January, took place during the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, in the Swiss Alps.

CCI is a collaboration between the World Economic Forum, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and Climate-KIC, the European Institute of Technology’s knowledge and innovation community.

It has enlisted the support of a consortium of private and public sector partners along the automotive value chain who are committed to taking action to help restrict global warming to within 1.5C° above pre-industrial levels.

The CCI launch event was titled ‘The race to zero: eliminating auto industry emission across the value chain’ and highlighted the importance of transforming the automotive industry in the face of the climate emergency.

NEXUS CFO Thierry Mugnier, who attended the Davos event, said: “It was an honour for NEXUS to support and contribute to the CCI project launch, together with numerous leading organisations, and to be given a very valuable briefing on current efforts towards ‘circularity’.

“NEXUS is actively engaged in future mobility and sustainability and aims to strongly prepare its aftermarket community for this new business model and to embrace the new automotive industry challenges.

“We are making rapid progress in developing our strategies on this critical issue, while keeping in mind the importance of global changes in climate, population needs and those of the business sector.

“I am particularly delighted Christoph Wolff, the World Economic Forum head of Shaping the Future of Mobility, will be attending the NEXUS Business Forum in Amsterdam in March to further discuss the challenges around automotive mobility.

“This shows how NEXUS is fully engaged with major initiatives so that we are not only a market leader but also a market maker.”