Dear business partner,

I am extremely happy to welcome Masashi Ogawa to the Nexus team, as from 9th November.

At the end of 2019 NEXUS announced that three Suppliers hubs would be created in 2020 in various regions of the world, with the scope to accelerate and strongly support our partners at a global and local level.

In the end we opened offices in key locations, one in Germany (Heidelberg) and one in Japan (Osaka). The opening of the third strategic location, in the US (Chicago), was delayed because of COVID-19, but it is in the process of being opened.

These actions taken during 2020, in collaboration with important and valuable partners, clearly show NEXUS’ commitment to the Global Aftermarket Business.

Mr. Ogawa will join Robert’s team as Japanese Suppliers Partnerships Manager, with the objective of more actively promoting the leading Japanese manufacturers around the world.

With 30 years’ experience within the automotive industry and a high level academic background, Masashi-san is committed to providing continuous and advanced support to the N! Community.

We wish Masashi-san a good start within the NEXUS family.

Kind regards,

Gaël Escribe