Global aftermarket collective Nexus Automotive International has extended its reach into North America with the announcement of three new members, including the Automotive Distribution Network, truck parts network VIPAR Heavy Duty, and Automotive Parts Associates (APA).

The three companies will be the exclusive partners for Nexus in the North American market. Nexus is a global aftermarket program group with headquarters in Geneva and offices in Paris, Dubai, Sao Paulo, and Johannesburg. The company is represented in 65 countries and includes 59 member organizations.

According to David Prater, president of the Automotive Distribution Network, the decision to partner with Nexus was driven by competitive considerations. Nexus offers relationships with suppliers that would otherwise be unavailable, and serves as a gateway to emerging markets around the globe.

“Like everyone else, we see the aftermarket shrinking,” Prater says. “We are interacting more with suppliers that are not based in the United States. We have had a few opportunities in the, past, but we could not place a true value on the relationship. Nexus has a different model. It is not strictly a European group looking to move to the states. It is a true international group, on many continents.”

“There is wisdom in the multitude of counsel, and in a market that is changing as rapidly as we see now, it only makes good sense to take advantage of the many synergies available in a union such as this,” says Gary Martin, president and CEO of APA. “The opportunity to focus on all facets of our businesses and bring critical mass together to help facilitate synergistic changes for the good of all is noteworthy. We expect to see benefits in all aspects of our goods and services for the automotive aftermarket partners we work with and serve.”

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