NEXUS Automotive International (N!) is further strengthening its global footprint with new, strong and strategic members joining in December 2015 and significant progress imminent in the US.

Outlining its blueprint for growth in 2016, the major automotive parts distribution group also revealed plans for accelerated development in Western Europe and Africa.

In addition, an office will be opened in Hong Kong, adding to those in Geneva, Paris, Sao Paulo, Dubai and Johannesburg, as N! seeks to make further inroads in Asia-Pacific.

Chief Executive Gael Escribe said: “With the advantage of such a strong footprint, the N! Team is engaging a progressively global approach to business development for the organization’s members and key suppliers.

“Our objective is to achieve aggressive growth around the world. We already have 59 supplier contracts in place, of which 48 are global, and a significant number of one-day global business development sessions set up for the next 12 months with key component manufacturers.

“Our plans are unashamedly ambitious. However, since our formation we have shown that through developing a highly focused, lean operation we can achieve impressive results.

“We have an infrastructure that enables us to deliver effective local support around the world, one that is optimized to respond quickly to developing opportunities and to the requirements of our key suppliers and partners.”

Major developments in 2016 include:

United States

  • The creation in January of NEXUS Automotive North America, with the strong AUTOMOTIVE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK playing a lead role in establishing the most innovative wholesale operation in the US, Canada and Mexico.
  • Non-disclosure agreements have been concluded with four leading players in the Passenger Car and Commercial Vehicle sectors, including Heavy Truck, which in the coming weeks should see N! welcoming new leading distributors to the network.
  • This programme of activity will see the US become the largest region in the N! network in 2016.

Europe West

  • Plans for Western Europe will see it emerge as the second biggest N! region in 2016.
  • There will be a focus on France and the French Overseas Territories, working with the major groups ID Rechange, APPRAU (N! member since Dec 2015), Speedy and SACI (N! member since Dec 2015) to create a new alliance of independent distributors which should emerge by the end of June and feature a multi-channel approach to aftermarket distribution.
  • Further progress has been made in Sweden, driven in partnership with ABR and GETE.
  • The recent acquisition of GSF Motor Factors by N! shareholder THE PARTS ALLIANCE will see further consolidation in the UK aftermarket.

Europe East

  • AUTOMOTIVE TEAM s.r.o will join as member for Czech Republic and Slovakia, under the future regional leadership of Interland (Poland).
  • First steps have been taken in the Baltic region prior to the creation of a local N! organization with the involvement of SENSON GROUP (Latvia).


  • Developments in Africa will include the creation of the regional organization NEXUS Automotive Sub-Saharan Africa, in which WAG (Worldwide Automotive Group), with 70 outlets in South Africa and other countries, will take a lead and will include the addition of new members DESAMARK, also South Africa, AUTOPARTS in Zimbabwe and MATERAUTO, of Madagascar.
  • Also being formed is the local organization NEXUS Automotive Algeria, with details of its strategic plan to be unveiled at Equip Auto Algeria in March.


  • Seen as a very promising market, particularly in Iran, it offers opportunities in line with one of N!’s strategic pillars; that of connecting leaders of fast-growing markets with leading component manufacturers. ALBORZ YADAK COMPANY (PARVIZIAN, Iran) has been recruited as an important new member with talks continuing with other business groups.

Latin America

  • The signing of five new members in Uruguay – FEYVI, WERNER BERHEIM, MONDILLO & ALDAY, D’ANY – and Chile – NORIEGA, subsidiary of EMASA Group – will see progress accelerate in this region with further expansion expected later.


  • With ZONG AO, DONG FANG ZAO DI TRADING C0. Ltd, BEIJING XINXUYING TRADE CO. Ltd., BEIJING BEIFANG TONGBAO AUTOPARTS C0. Ltd joining the Group, N! is continuing its step-by-step approach to China with the aim to be a leading force in this market by the end of 2016. The new office in Hong Kong will act as its key business development base in the region.
  • There will be an additional strong focus on India with the prestigious TVS AUTOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS taking a strong lead in developing this major market opportunity.

In conclusion, Gael Escribe said: “The plans we have in place clearly demonstrate that we are in discussion with numerous distributions groups all over the world and we are receiving more and more support from the supplier community.

“It is evidence of our ability to consistently deliver strong performance and create fantastic business opportunities for our partners and suppliers.

N! will continue to focus on innovation and in 2016 we will be introducing new dedicated services including the second wave of the DR!VE+ product brand, the N! Slow Mover tool and the N! Academy, a pioneering training programme for middle managers.

“As global automotive aftermarket entrepreneurs, we are fulfilling our original objective of bringing an innovative approach to an increasingly globalized marketplace.”

N! founded in January 2014, is represented in 84 countries and has attained a total consolidated turnover of €7.25 billion achieved through its 59 member organisations. N! is aiming to achieve in excess over €9 billion by end of June 2016.

Further information can be found by visiting the NEXUS Automotive International website

Source: Nexus Press Release December 2015