NEXUS Automotive International announces the creation of NEXUS Automotive France SAS, established to increase development opportunities within the N! Community in France. Its shareholders are the distributors Alternative Autoparts, Aniel, Apprau and ID Rechange. With a turnover of more than €800 million and uniting more than 330 distribution points, NEXUS Automotive France is consolidating its position in the top three traditional wholesale distributors in France. Philippe Guyot has been appointed CEO, and Exadis and Mannes become members.

Founded in 2014, NEXUS Automotive International has distinguished itself through its multichannel approach, particularly in France.

Gael Escribe, CEO of NEXUS, said: “Traditional distribution, heavy duty, bodywork, fast fitters, retailers, 2-wheelers and digital, we are present in all market segments in France. Consequently, the combined turnover of the N! Community’s French members exceeds €2 billion, positioning us as the most representative player of the independent aftermarket and its diversity  in the country.”

A multichannel approach requires a differentiated strategy. Gael added: “The wholesale distributor members in France, who have to face the challenges of a changing market together, wanted to develop synergies. This is why, today, we are pleased to announce the creation of NEXUS Automotive France.”

Four founding shareholders: Alternative Autoparts, Aniel, Apprau and ID Rechange

This newly created company has the following shareholders:

  • Alternative Autoparts, which includes 1 national platform and 13 regional platforms,

105 distributor members and 47 technical facilities

  • Aniel, bodywork specialist since 1968
  • Apprau, a network of 6 independent regional platforms recognised for their wide and deep product ranges
  • ID Rechange, a group of more than 220 distributors throughout France supported by 8 regional platforms

Philippe Guyot, one of the founders of NEXUS Automotive International, where he was previously Executive Director of Global Business Development, has been appointed CEO of NEXUS Automotive France.

NEXUS Automotive France members will benefit from synergies which will be implemented with respect for the history, identity and characteristics of each brand as well as their independence. In view of this, the shareholders wished to appoint a CEO who has experience as well as someone who is external to their ranks, in order to ensure the relevance and the neutrality of the decision-making process.

Exadis and Mannes become members

NEXUS Automotive France already represented a turnover of more than €800 million in the 2019 consolidation scope of its members. Internal and external growth continues, confirming the attractiveness of the proposal and the consistency of the strategy: Exadis chose to join NEXUS Automotive France from the beginning. With a network of eight logistics platforms covering the whole of France, Exadis delivers daily to distributors and national brands alike. One year after having left the Laurent Group, Exadis then joined the 3rd largest traditional distributor in France.

Similarly, Mannes, an independent specialist in German vehicle parts for more than 30 years, has just joined NEXUS Automotive France.

Convergences, structuring and synergies beyond the wholesale activity

“Firstly, our objective is to better structure our wholesale activity, in particular, through volume consolidation and strategic purchasing convergence,” explains Philippe Guyot, CEO of NEXUS Automotive France. A convergence that will be carried out in total transparency with parts manufacturers “who, anxious to get out of the current duality of the French market, have encouraged our approach.”

“In addition to joint supplier negotiations, we are going to pool our back office costs, such as logistics and transport,” he added. “We are already thinking about new, shared services such as centralised billing.”

NEXUS Automotive France wishes to develop, at a later stage, new synergies with NEXUS members in the fast fit (Speedy, First Stop) or retail (Feu Vert) sectors.

In an increasingly competitive context, NEXUS Automotive France thus offers a solution to the French automotive aftermarket and repair market that reinforces and safeguards the legitimacy of its members through excellence in logistics, economic performance, services and proximity.