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The timing range, a complete offer from NTN-SNR

As a major supplier of automotive engine parts, NTN-SNR uses its expertise; its OEM presence, in particular with VAG, Renault- Nissan, Ford; and its manufacturing footprint to carry out its development for the Timing range.

#PERFORMANCEINSIDE is a major axis of that assembly and is reflected in several aspects: Optimal functioning of the engine for a result and a level of driving comfort identical to the original condition, the durability of products with higher quality and longer service life for greater customer satisfaction, the promise of the company with product ranges and last but not least the customer’s support and the expertise of an original equipment supplier.

At NTN-SNR we synchronize our energy to build the solutions to power your business #PERFORMANCEINSIDE.

The Market:
350 Million vehicles concerned and a mature and highly competitive aftermarket.
Although timing operation remains amongst the most frequent for mechanics, the market trend is flat or slightly declining in volume because of the prolongation of repair intervals (previously 60/90.000km now up until 200.000km for belts in oil); the increase of timing chains (40% of all cars); the reduction of the average number of kilometers traveled per year.

The Products:
The timing drive system maintains the synchronization between the crankshaft and the camshaft, coordinating the movement of the pistons with the valves. In some cases it also drives the injection pump or the water pump.
It plays a critical role and the products used require high precision and absolutely reliable quality in order to prevent malfunctions or catastrophic engine failure.

In each timing kits you may find several elements:
• Tensioner rollers and/or idler pulleys: Tensioners rollers transmit and maintain constant tension on the belt while compensating for the accelerations and decelerations of the engine. The idlers pulleys are subjected to high stress; it guides the belt and enables it to maintain its alignment.

Timing pulleys must satisfy the increasingly demanding requirements of the engine: extended service life of the components, strong vibrations, elevated temperatures, and installation tension… 90 to 95% of timing kits failures are due to either a bad fitting of the pulleys or a bad quality of it. The bearing, the essential element of the pulley, should be a high-quality, reliable part.
In this area, NTN- uses all its knowledge to ensure high quality products.
Annecy (Haute-Savoie, France), 4th October 2018

Depending on the stress the idler pulley may encounter from engines rpm etc, we need to select the correct bearing to be used in the idler. It could be single row ball bearing for smaller pulleys or double row ball bearing for larger and more stressed idler pulleys. It is also very important that the bearing is filled with the correct type of grease (with the best lubricant coefficient to avoid any overheating and premature use), and that the seal can withstand the harsh conditions of use (impermeability). This will help extend the life of the bearing and therefore the idler pulley.

With our latest machinery we will then press or inject the special part onto the bearing. This part will support and guide the belt. It is carefully designed to fit onto the engine and its materials are picked amongst the best on the market.
Our R/D department in Japan is working on many different projects leading to the introduction of brand new products on the aftermarket such as the hydraulic tensioner in the 1990’s and more recently to the auto tensioner with variable damping mechanism for stop and start engine.

• Timing belt or synchronous belt: it controls the opening of the valves by the cam shaft while synchronizing precisely with the combustion sequence. It is a crucial system. If the belt breaks or if teeth are sheared off, the opening of the valves is no longer synchronized with the rise and fall of the pistons. In this case, they may strike against the pistons and cause a catastrophic engine failure. In order to withstand increasingly high stresses and to extend the service life, reinforced belts or HT belts made of Teflon are used. NTN-SNR incorporates belts developed as original equipment in our kits.
• The water pump: The water pump circulates the coolant through the coolant circuit in order to maintain the optimal temperature for engine operation. It can be driven either by the timing belt or by the accessory belt (in engines with a timing chain, for example) via a pulley connected to the engine.

At NTN-SNR we offer expertise and manufacturing through our plants in Japan and Germany. NTN-SNR offers one of the largest ranges of timing system products covering all car manufacturers: 580 pulley units, 650 timing kits (with or without water pumps).

NTN-SNR is extremely conscious and has a high standard concerning the quality of the products: we apply the same stringent standards to the automotive aftermarket that the one applied to original equipment, we supply all of the components required for correct repair (screws, washers, studs, fitting instructions), we take advantage of the expertise of the Group to carry out tests, qualifications and expert analysis, we supply an original offer or an original quality.
We also offers all services to be close to our customers such as TechInfo, failures posters or booklets, brochures, a dedicated smartphone application TechScan’R.

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