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The Eurol additives range: quality and convenience in one package

Eurol has a top-quality additives range. The range consists of 24 varieties with diesel and gasoline additives, engine and transmission oil additives and radiator additives.

Extensive research has preceded the development of Eurol additives. Eurol’s Research & Development department has carefully selected the most effective additive components, followed by extensive testing in practice. The additives solve existing problems, but also work preventively.

Online additives advisor

“In addition to premium quality, Eurol’s additive range distinctly stands out for its convenience, service and support towards resellers and users,” says Dennis Marsman, Marketing Manager. “Our online additives advisor offers users advice in translating technical symptoms into the best solution with corresponding product advice at any-time, anywhere.”

‘One shot’ application

“The practical tin package provides users with clear information on the effects and the correct application, use, and dose,” Marsman continues: “For most products there is a ‘one shot’ application, making Eurol additives easy to use. Supporting shelf brochures and product displays are available for retailers.”

Longer life cycle, less wear, increased engine power

The usefulness and necessity of additives is ever increasing. The percentage of bio-

components in fuels has increased, rides are shorter, engine technology is becoming more sophisticated and oil change intervals are longer. This increases the risk of engine contamination, which can possibly lead to lower engine performance, poor starting, higher consumption or unusual smoke. Marsman: “The use of Eurol additives results in longer engine life, less wear, more engine power, lower repair costs, lower fuel and oil consumption and lower greenhouse emissions.”

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