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On the occasion of Automechanika, NGK Spark Plug Europe has launched a new sensor assortment under the NTK Vehicle Electronics brand. The line-up is the first in the market to combine Mass Air Flow Sensors, Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensors and Boost Pressure Sensors within just one range. With 350 part numbers, the new array offers the highest coverage in the market.

For maximum efficiency in engine operation and to ensure effective exhaust gas treatment, the engine control unit (ECU) needs to precisely regulate the air-fuel ratio. This is an area in which NTK has been proving its excellence and know-how for decades as a leader in the production of lambda sensor for carmakers. Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensors and Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensors are essential elements in this process. Both provide the ECU with a signal needed to calculate the amount of air aspirated by the engine. Unique and extensive market research carried out by NGK Spark Plug Europe proves that demand for such sensors is continuously growing. 270 million cars (source: TecDoc) or 89 percent of vehicles in Europe are fitted with an MAP or MAF sensor – some even feature both types. However, the market lacks a premium brand full-range offering for workshops and distributors.

The new NTK assortment closes this gap. It comprises both sensor types and simplifies ordering and stock-keeping. It offers solutions for 93 percent of in-demand products ? the highest coverage available. It also comes with the highest market coverage across all car manufacturers. In doing so, it enables cost efficient one-stop shopping. A clever numbering system allows for easy identification and provides additional information about the sensor technology and type. Thanks to a smart design, the label can be read from the top and from the side to enable the distributor to store the product in different positions and to facilitate scanning of the information in the picking zone, making the seller’s job quicker and easier.

The assortment encompasses 190 part numbers for Mass Air Flow sensors. These include 165 sensor types with housing as well as 20 plug-in sensor types which reflect the latest OE developments. But NGK Spark Plug Europe is going even further by providing the market with five Aftermarket plug-in types covering 77 best-selling types of housing. These five part numbers alone represent 22 percent of the current market demand and improve stock rotation significantly. The remaining 160 part numbers are Intake Air Pressure Sensors, including 91 Manifold Pressure Sensors, 58 Boost Pressure Sensors and 11 Manifold and Boost Pressure Sensors.

The new NTK assortment offers the accuracy and quality one can expect from a pioneer in the sensor business. Each MAP and MAF sensor must undergo stringent quality controls and withstand thermal shock and durability tests according to specifications that meet or exceed OE testing procedures.

“With the launch of this new product range, NTK Vehicle Electronics is again strengthening its positioning in the market. NTK has incorporated experience from more than forty years in the sensor business into the new MAP and MAF sensor assortment to make it exactly what our customers need,” comments David Loy, Marketing Director Aftermarket Europe at NGK Spark Plug Europe.

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