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Hella Pagid introducing brake pads for Asian vehicles in selected regions

Brake specialist Hella Pagid Brake Systems will be expanding its product range with NAO (non-asbestos organic) brake pads specifically for Asian vehicle models. With the NAO range, the company is positioning itself even more strongly as a full-line supplier on the independent spare parts market. Hella Pagid will be initially offering the products in Russia, Southeast Asia, China, Australia, and the Middle East. The corresponding brake discs for the brake pads are slated to be added to the portfolio soon. The new product range is being continuously expanded to meet the needs of the selected regions.

The new NAO brake pads differ significantly in their material composition compared to brake pads typical in Europe. For example, they consist exclusively of organic materials, such as glass, rubber or Kevlar fibers, and are therefore significantly softer. This not only provides for minimal wear, but also for minimal braking noise and very little brake dust. “Unlike Germany, for example, where drivers place a particular value on the performance attributes such as low fading or high braking efficiency at very high speeds, these two aspects are particularly important in many countries outside of Europe,” says Miriam Niestadtkötter, Product Manager at Hella Pagid.


The brake pads are completely asbestos-free and meet the highest quality standards. All brake pads from Hella Pagid undergo different lab tests before use, such as dynamometer tests or the AMS test. Hella Pagid uses these tests to check all products, for example, for their compressibility, heat transfer, expansion, and shearing strength properties. This assures that all products satisfy the requirements for quality, safety, and durability.


So far, Hella Pagid had offered brake pads and brake discs specifically for the European vehicle market. “In Europe, we cover nearly 100 percent of the existing vehicle fleet,” says Miriam Niestadtkötter, “but in countries like China or the Middle East, the vehicle fleet consists chiefly of Asian vehicle manufacturers and models. Our goal is to offer our customers the right products around the world.” Therefore, Hella Pagid is continuously developing its product range. And this is not just regarding the different vehicle brands and models, but also in regards to the technical properties of the brake parts offered. The new products of the NAO range now cover the specific comfort features regarding low brake noise and little brake dust production.

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