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Get your compressor from NRF… and so much more!


Having an airco specialist working for you, who is not on your payroll!!!


Training your customer service reps to provide instruction on how to carry out a professional air conditioning repair job.


A technical hot line helping you identify that goddamn compressor not showing up in any catalogue


Selling your compressors without having to worry about installation trouble-shooting because NRF will do it for you.


Imagine not being an account number. Imagine being able to talk to an air conditioning expert who knows your situation and takes the time to guide and direct you in your technical needs. Imagine a compressor supplier that believes in customizing our services to your unique needs, not requiring you to customize your needs to our services.

Now you can STOP IMAGINING…TECH|support delivered by Air Conditioning Experts already exists at NRF. We hope someday you will join us.

NRF starts detailed examination of compressor warranty claims. With this new way of processing claims NRF has the goal of providing more insight to the workshop mechanic into the possible causes of the failure of a compressor.

Starting from the new air-conditioning season, each warranty return on compressors will be extensively analyzed.

The compressors will have a function test and will be disassembled for further analysis.

Usually a compressor never fails by coincidence. There can be mentioned numerous external causes, like:

– System not or not thoroughly flushed

– Components such as receiver-dryer and/or expansion valve not replaced.

– A PF-condenser can’t be flushed and needs to be replaced when the system is contaminated!

– Wrong filling of both refrigerant and compressor oil

– No ‘Run in’ procedure followed

– Malfunction of control sensors

– Leakage in the system

– Use of chemical UV dye or sealer

– Too low vehicle voltage

– Poor running of engine/components

– etc.

The results will be communicated by TECH|support NRF by means of a comprehensive report. The report contains clear pictures which show details of the detected defects. Besides, it will also indicate the likely causes of the failure. The aim is to provide our customers not only a technical opinion but the possible causes of compressor failure and repair, if possible.

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