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CES Las Vegas 2018

At CES for the fifth consecutive year, in 2018 Valeo is unveiling its latest innovations, which are at the epicenter of the three revolutions shaping today’s automotive industry: electrification, autonomous vehicles and digital mobility.  

Valeo’s new low-voltage (48V) all-electric vehicle prototype motorization system, 20% more economical than existing high-voltage solutions, will be making its world début at the show. This solution gives a small two-seater car a range of 100 km and a top speed of 100 km/h, making it ideally suited to urban driving. 

Valeo technologies are also central to Autonom Cab, the world’s first robo-taxi, to be presented by its French designer Navya at CES. This all-electric, driverless vehicle is fitted with seven Valeo SCALA® laser scanners. The SCALA® is the first and only mass-produced LiDAR scanner on the market designed specifically for cars, and is a key component of the autonomous vehicle. First presented at CES 2016, the SCALA® is the perfect example of Valeo’s ability to quickly scale up high-tech innovations for volume production. 

In addition, Valeo will be displaying a new system that allows the interior climate of a vehicle to be adjusted to each passenger’s physical condition and sensitivity to temperature, when and where they need it. The system can also detect the driver’s mood and release stimulating or soothing fragrances and ions in the event of tiredness or stress.   

These innovative solutions and all of the other technologies presented by Valeo at CES are conducive to the development of electric, autonomous, connected cars that are widely affordable yet adaptable to individual needs. 

With these technologies, Valeo has once again demonstrated its capacity for innovation, the cornerstone of its strategy, with R&D drawing a budget of nearly 1.6 billion euros in 2016, i.e., 11% of the Group’s OEM sales.

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