Your Wiper Systems specialist comes up with a brand new range of wiper blades addressing in a disruptive way the specific needs of the aftermarket.

HydroConnectTM is the new range shaped to perfectly fit the most demanding market by leveraging the best technologies available today. 100% flat blade and dedicated for the aftermarket. HydroConnectTM features 3 categories:

> “Multi-connection” covering front O.E. flat blades

> “Multi-connection” covering rear O.E. flat blades

> “Upgrade” covering hook arms

Valeo has leveraged its strong O.E. expertise to deliver a top quality wiper blade lineup to shake up the market and provide an offer even on unexplored segments.

Trust the Wiper Systems Specialist

HydroConnectTM is a carefully designed range built to reach each need of the aftermarket in the cleverest way possible. HydroConnectTM is a concentrate of O.E. expertise shaped to serve a more efficient aftermarket, in other words a very short range for wide coverage.

The features

A multi-connection range for front O.E. flat blades.

Regarding the technology, Valeo succeded in delivering an asymmetrical spoiler to ensure the best wiping performance possible. The specific design generates strong aerodynamic properties resulting in an even pressure across the windshield: The “Aero perf” feature.

The second key element of the blade, the rubber, is conceived with a high-tech protective rubber coating enabling genuine long-lasting performance.

Regarding the structure of the range, only 3 connectors fit 12 types of front arms. As a result, with only 20 references, 96% of the European car park is covered.

A new multi-connection patented system on the market for rear O.E. flat blades

Valeo Service is clearly a pioneer for rear multi-connection on the market. The brand delivers an offer for a segment never reached before and addresses it, in the most efficient way. 3 connectors fit 6 types of rear arms and 8 references achieve a 96% european car park coverage. The rear blades feature the same long lasting high technology rubber with the protective coating.

An upgrade range covering hook arms

This range aims at upgrading the conventional blades into Flatblade technology wipers with the asymmetrical spoiler. Valeo service has been focusing a lot of energy to deliver a user friendly experience with the Easy-Clic® system, making the upgrading process simple and clear. The 14 references range is capable of covering 85% of the European car park equipped with hook arms.

Valeo Service designed new packaging for the HydroConnectTM lineup. Premium and eye-catching the cardboard pack is entirely dedicated to deliver the clearest message possible and light up point of sales. The parts identification has been made even bolder on the facing, but on the top and the bottom of the box as well. The key list of applications has been of course thought of with key applications on the front of the pack and the complete application list on the back. The structure has been made lighter with the comprehensive fitting instructions now available inside the packaging.

This new HydroConnectTM offer concentrates all Valeo Service know-how in terms of sales support to provide more clever tools.

The “MyValeoParts” app is one of them. the Valeo Service mobile application for online catalogue access delivers a complete response to ease users everyday life even beyond wiper systems products.

Other supporting services are there as well to enhance the Valeo Service products user experience like QR codes linking to videos, fitting instructions, diagnosis, user tips…

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