Thanks to the growing number of passenger cars and commercial vehicles with diesel engines equipped with common-rail systems, repairs on these systems become ever more attractive for automotive workshops. Bosch developed the new EPS 118 tester for an economical entry into testing common-rail injectors.

The space-saving tabletop unit can be controlled easily and without previous knowledge either using the integrated touch screen or by means of a tablet PC. The precise common-rail injector test is performed fully automatically. Afterwards, the EPS 118 tester indicates if the injector is okay or if needs to be replaced (“check and change” principle). Using the new tester all common solenoid-valve and piezo injectors of the most important manufacturers on the market can be tested – besides Bosch, this includes injectors from Continental, Delphi, Denso and Siemens. The fully automatic Bosch EPS 118 enables any workshop to test common-rail injectors by its own both easily and quickly.

Precise testing provides reliable results about the injector performance

The EPS 118 tester works with test pressures of up to 1800 bar and displays the operating condition of common-rail injectors in a realistic manner. At the fully automatic test the injector is tested both electrically and hydraulically. In addition, this test performs a resistance, induction and capacity measurement and checks the different hydraulic test items. Allowing an additional and quick evaluation of the injector performance, the injection spray pattern into the injection chamber is yet another indicator. The required test values for CR injectors from Bosch and other manufacturers as well as pictures of injectors are already integrated into the database of the device. By means of a wireless LAN connection, the workshop can print out the test results combined with the customer data. Printer, keyboard and mouse can be connected either via USB or using WLAN. The tester works with a (uniphase) voltage between 100 and 230 volts and requires a workshop-standard six to eight bar compressed-air system.