The new group has been formed by Auto Land Polska, Autos, Inter Land and Inter Parts. They are all based in Poland and are leading partners active in passenger car and heavy duty parts distribution.

N!ACE is a fully transparent and well organized structure that has been created to provide better value and business opportunities to N! key stakeholders in a highly competitive market.

New members are expected to join in the near future, which will enable N!ACE to become the leading partner for domestic distributors in Central Europe.

Waldemar Baclawski, owner of Inter Parts, who heads up N!ACE, said: “The main purpose of N!ACE is to create value and opportunities for our members from both the sourcing of automotive parts and through the supply chain side”.

“In addition, the group will put a strong emphasis on supporting N! strategic initiatives in the Central Europe region, including the NEXUSAuto and NEXUSTruck workshop concepts, the newly-created DR!VE+ brand and the training platform N! Academy School, and through these we will better concentrate purchasing volumes towards NEXUS suppliers.”

“Overall, this enhanced co-operation between members and suppliers will provide unique opportunities for development and improve the competitiveness of all participants in the project.”

Gael Escribe, CEO of N!, welcomed the formation of N!ACE. He said: “I congratulate the members of N!ACE who have come together to create this new regional organisation and I and the N! team look forward to working with them.”

“We spoke recently at one of our N! Connecting Days of our stategy of developing regional platforms and very quickly N!ACE has been incorporated. It is a fine example of ‘words to deeds’.”

N!, which has its headquarters in Geneva, was founded in 2014, since when it has enjoyed intense geographic expansion. This year alone 47 new members have joined, bringing the total to 108, plus two other regional groups have been formed, NEXUS Automotive Algeria and NEXUS North America, with another, NEXUS Automotive Brazil, about to be launched.