NEXUS management organised a three-day visit to N! Suppliers in northern Italy in a show of support for partners in the region.
The Italian automotive industry was one of the most badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, with manufacturers excluded from the aftermarket eco-system for several months. Now, following the
summer break, it is gearing up again.

NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe, Robert Kirr, N! Executive Director Supplier Management, and Roberto Olivero, NEXUS Automotive Italia Director, visited five suppliers: Brembo, Dayco, Japanparts, Sogefi and Ufi.

The trio travelled from Milan to Bergamo, to Verona and finally Turin with the objective of sharing strategies and ideas to be ready for a new future beyond the first wave of the pandemic.

The tour began at the Milan offices of Sogefi, in the presence of Francoise Blaise, General Manager Aftermarket. It then moved on to Bergamo and the legendary offices of Brembo, where the NEXUS three met Marco Moretti, Aftermarket Business Unit Marketing Director, Roberto Caravati, Global Business Unit Aftermarket COO, and Paolo Cataldi, Commercial Director.

Bergamo has been one of the most tragically affected by Covid-19. NEXUS and its suppliers there are linked by a consolidated relationship, supporting each other through the N! United initiative and the donation of surgical masks to the city’s main hospital.

On day two, the team drove to Verona to N! Suppliers Japanparts and Ufi filters with, respectively, the presence of Massimo Altafini, Japanparts general manager, Marco Alberici, Export manager, Claudio Barbiere, Director International Business, Sophie Lalande, ITG Director and Eduardo Marti, Ufi Filters General Manager, Francesco Tomasoni, Sales Director, Luca Betti and Irene Carraro, Group Aftermarket Marketing Manager.

The trip finished in Turin with a visit to Dayco, where they met up with Ruggero Semola, Aftermarket EMEA Director and Diego Grigoletto, Sales Director.

Gael said: “The Italian automotive industry has ramped-up its activity following the summer break and during our visit we defined further strategies on how we can help accelerate that.”

Robert Kirr said: “These suppliers have worked very hard to achieve a good service rate in these difficult times, and we wanted to show support with ongoing communication and direct contact. Also, by putting them in contact with N! Members. The upcoming NEXUS Virtual Days digital trade show will also help them get closer to the global NEXUS Community.”

Roberto Olivero added: “It was a pleasure to join this tour and get closer to the N! Suppliers in Italy. Our regional structure is evolving and it was a great occasion to share, with these suppliers, the NEXUS Automotive Italy organization and structures.”