As the automotive industry progresses toward more energy efficient vehicles, more precise flow, pressure and temperature is an increasingly important issue in vehicle thermal management in order to stratify coolant circuits. Pumps and valves are mandatory to improve conventional powertrains and enabling e-mobility.

Cooling Valve Actuator

Thermal management is one of the key concepts on the path towards more efficient vehicles. The optimal use of the thermal energy created during driving will enhance the efficiency of engines and other vehicle systems. Intelligent electronic components ensure that engines constantly run at optimum operating temperature.

Enter HELLA’s electric Cooling Valve Actuator (CoVA), which in contrast to a wax based element, enables the engine control unit to regulate the coolant flow more precisely and within the space of a few seconds. This means that following a cold start the engine can warm up more quickly by blocking the circulation of the coolant. As soon as the operating temperature is reached, the coolant temperature can be adjusted quickly and continuously – according to requirements. This reduces fuel consumption and emissions that are harmful to the environment. Start of series production will be in the first quarter of 2017.

Water Circulation Pump

A second HELLA innovation topic related to thermal management is the Water Circulation Pump MP50. With it, coolant flow can be managed with even greater flexibility and fuel efficiency if electric auxiliary water circulation pumps are installed at certain junctions and are able to produce on demand pressure. This means that for hybrid vehicles, for example, both the battery and the exhaust gas recirculation can be cooled, depending on the driving situation, thereby saving additional energy. The pump is scheduled to be ready for production by 2019.

With longstanding experience and worldwide reach, HELLA has been a leader for many years in the area of actuators, especially for Electrical Vacuum Pumps and Turbo Charger Actuators.