Hella Pagid Brake Guide

The BrakeGuide, based on TecDoc data and updated weekly, offers garages a wide variety of user-friendly search options. In addition to the usual searches for vehicles and products, the specialist search function allows really flexible research on the basis of product criteria.

Thanks to the portal’s optimized user interface, the BrakeGuide enables customers to identify brake parts from the Hella Pagid range in a targeted, almost intuitive manner. Yet another bonus is the possibility of creating one’s very own customized catalog in a printable format. Such catalogs reflect the typical Hella Pagid catalog layout and, after having been tailored to the customer’s specific requirements, can then be set up online in their customized version.

Go to the BrakeGuide here

The Hella Pagid Brake Systems BrakeGuide is now also available as a free app for smartphones. Items can now be looked up using the Hella Pagid article number, Pagid short code, OE number, competitor number or KBA number and all this can also be done while you are out and about.

This free BrakeGuide app has been developed with smartphones particularly in mind, is suitable for both iOS and Android users, and can be downloaded from their app stores. For more information, visit www.hella.com/apps