The acoustic warning system increases the road safety of electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles

Lighting and electronics expert HELLA gives vehicles with noiseless engines a sound similar to a conventional internal combustion engine. This enables road users to better hear approaching vehicles and therefore warns them of their presence.

Since 1 July 2019, in order to protect road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and the visually impaired, new types of electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles in the European Union have had to be fitted with an acoustic signal as standard. This sound makes otherwise silent vehicles very audible. Similar regulations apply in the USA and China. HELLA has now developed this type of acoustic warning system for use in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses.

At speeds below 20 km/h, the HELLA warning system AVAS simulates a noise that rises in intensity when the speed increases. The AVAS also automatically generates an acoustic signal when reversing. At speeds above 20 km/h, the simulated engine sound is silenced as the sound of the tyres rolling on the road is loud enough.

A standard sound is stored in the compact sensor and can be adopted. Customer-specific driving noises can be developed on request.